High Safety Durable Automatic Chain Type Flipping Equipment for Steel Structure
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High Safety Durable Automatic Chain Type Flipping Equipment for Steel Structure


The Chain type Overturning equipment of this section is for flipping structure members of basic square cross section.


1.     Product Purpose:

1)      This high strength chain overturning equipment is for overturning the large size and heavy structure members with square and near square cross section;

2)      The flipping operation of its chain manipulator can be made in both directions, and stopped at any position of angle;

3)      This chain flipping equipment is applicable for position and orientation change during welding operation of large and heavy workpieces.


2.     Main Units:

1)      This chain type flipping equipment has the main units of main body, rocking arms and its revolving shafts, high intensity durable roller chains, driving unit of motor reducer and control system;

2)      The main body of this chain overturning machine is inversed “U” shape, which holds the entire weight of the machine and withstand the impact force generated from workpiece flipping. It is welded and assembled into shape with welding structure members, and strengthened with numbers of stiffeners at its bottom;

3)      There are 2 pieces of rocking arms at the top sections of both sides of the machine body, which swings along its revolving shafts. These rock arms play the role of arm for this chain type overturning machine;

4)      The roller chains are critical components of the chain flipping machine. It has very high strength and intensity, promising high safety of the machine operation. These chains go a closed circular loop inside the inversed “U” shape machine body, and encircled around several revolving shafts (Which can be identified from outside, especially in not painted condition) along its passage. With the running of rollers chains, the workpiece is flipped in this chain type flipping machine;

5)      The roller chains are driven with motor reducers. The motor reducers are fit at bottom section of the inversed “U” shape main body;

6)      For one set of chain turnover machine, there are 2 sets of chain manipulators working in pair. Please check attached picture;

7)      Same as other chain flipping equipment, this product is operated in remote control, which has consistent and stable operation.

3.     Technical Parameters:

For this flip angle adjustable automatic Chain type Overturning equipment:

Rated   Flipping Capacity (for 2 sets of Chain Manipulator Working Together)

10   Ton

Max.   Cross Section Size of Workpiece

900   x 900 mm

Max.   Length of Workpiece

9   m

Distance   between the 2 sets of Chain Manipulator (Adjustable)

5   m

Flipping   Linear Velocity

3000   mm/min.

Flipping   Motor Power

1.5   kW x 2


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