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Definition, Purpose and Specialty of Special Welding Rotator



1. What is Special Welding Rotator?

1) The Definition on Standard Welding Pipe Rotator

In the product pages of “Welding Pipe Rotator”, “Welding Pipe Rotator in Use” and “Conventional Standard Welding Pipe Rotator”, we discuss the general classification on Welding Pipe Rotator, and 3 types of standard welding roller bed and welding turning roll:
a) HGZ Self Adjustable Welding Pipe Rotator;
b) HGK Leadscrew Adjustable Welding Pipe Rotator;
c) HLK Bolt Adjustable Welding Pipe Rotator;
Which account for over 50% application cases in industry;

2) When and Why do You need Special Welding Rotator?

a) Meanwhile, in practical use, there exist fairly amounts of conditions, that standard types of Welding Pipe Rotator can not meet customer demand under specific scenarios. This is often originated from special and complicated working parts;
b) Correspondingly, series of upgrade and retrofitting on design of welding roller bed and welding turning roll are necessary;

3) These Retrofitting Measures on Development of Special Welding Rotator include but not Limited to:

a) Anti Drift Welding Rotator;
b) Traveling type welding roller bed;
c) Fixture type Welding Pipe Rotator;
d) Integrated structure and function of HGZ Self Adjusting with HLK Bolt Adjusting Welding Pipe Rotator;
e) More degree of freedom in welding turning roll than conventional Welding Pipe Rotator…


2. Below is a Glimpse on Assembly of Special Welding Pipe Rotator (Anti Drift Welding Rotator) at Wuxi JACK facility: (Fig.1)

Welding Rotator- QQ图片20141110102543
3. For quick understanding on product family of Welding Turning Roll, please visit subjective page of “Summary on Wuxi JACK Welding Roller Bed”.


Examples of Special Welding Rotator Produced by Wuxi JACK

Competitive Edge of Special Welding Rotator Produced by Wuxi JACK

1. Capability on designing and manufacturing Special Welding Rotator embodies technical strength of a company, which involves deeper and more energy spent in developing upgraded structure of welding roller bed and welding turning roll;
2. As a professional producer set up by 3 senior engineers, Wuxi JACK is model in the field of development on special Welding Rotator for customer;
3. Here we give 2 guidelines which form up competitive edge of Wuxi JACK Welding Pipe Rotator as below;
4. The other strong points of our welding roller bed and welding turning roll please check the related pages of “Welding Pipe Rotator”, “Conventional Standard Welding Pipe Rotator”, “Welding Pipe Rotator in Use”, and “Tailor Made Welding Pipe Rotator”.

1. Find the Most Suitable Solution with Flexible Design in Welding Pipe Rotator:

Why can selecting the most applicable design and configuration of Welding Pipe Rotator bring great value to customer?

1. As we discussed before, Welding Pipe Rotator has very extensive scope in use, this not only refers to its industry distribution, but also in geographical means. Many customers of Welding Pipe Rotator have numerous sets of welding roller bed at their working facilities;

2. Such application feature of Welding Pipe Rotator calls for two characteristics of Welding Turning Roll:

1) One is standardization as much as possible in the form of standard Welding Pipe Rotator, the other is diversification when necessary in the form of Special made Welding Pipe Rotator:
2) The standardization is the precondition on popularization of Welding Pipe Rotator, and every time customer purchase a new set of welding roller bed in different tonnage with respect to existing welding turning roll, customer can manage their whole collection of Welding Pipe Rotator with great ease;
3) The diversification of Welding Turning Roll can meet the personalized demand from specific customer;

3. Wuxi JACK always Seeks the Most Proper Solution on Welding Pipe Rotator for Customers:

1) This especially obviously reflected in Welding Pipe Rotator: Every time we recommend the product of welding roller bed to customer, the expensive model is not our suggestion;
2) Instead, choosing the most applicable proposal on Welding Pipe Rotator for customer is our starting point: Suppose standard model of Welding Pipe Rotator can meet the requirement from customer, this will be the proposal we propose to client;
3) If it does need to introduce special Welding Rotator, we always find the most fitting solution for customer in the form of dedicated special made welding roller bed and welding turning roll;
4) Not only mechanical system of Wuxi JACK standard Welding Pipe Rotator has universal structure, which helps customer getting familiar on its operation and maintenance within the shortest time, but also configuration of its welding roller bed: All the outsourced parts of Welding Pipe Rotator, especially electric control elements such as inverter, relay, contactor… are all internally renowned brands, which is convenient for replacement in service of Welding Pipe Rotator;

2. The Best Degree of Precision Control in Revolving of Welding Turning Roll:

What should suppliers do to maintain the best accurate running of Welding Pipe Rotator?

1. Same as any other product line with large selling volume, Welding Pipe Rotator in practical use also has different grades on precision control. You can classify the product into two broad types of general purpose Welding Pipe Rotator and precision Welding Pipe Rotator;

2. So, what are the Threats on Precision of Welding Roller Bed Running?

1) The first is out of synchronization of its two pieces of welding turning roll, in the same set of welding roller bed:

a) As we know, in Welding Pipe Rotator, usually driving motor is installed at one side of welding turning roll, and is connected with the other piece of welding turning roll by means of mechanical shaft;
b) So, synchronization of the two welding turning roll determines stable and precise running of welding roller bed, and hence the whole set of Welding Pipe Rotator;
2) The second is skidding of cylindrical parts on welding turning roll, which may cause deflecting of circumferential welding seam on the finished workpiece delivered from Welding Roller Bed;


3. Correspondingly, Wuxi JACK has well established measures to deliver accurate running of Welding Pipe Rotator:

1) For the issue of out of phase welding turning roll, in the product of HGK High Precision Special Made Leadscrew Adjustable Welding Pipe Rotator, we adopt the delicate contrivance of six edge rod, which passes through worm gear, and helps worm gear motor reducer driving the two pieces of welding turning roll in absolute same pace, guaranteeing the perfect synchronous running of the two pieces of welding turning roll;
2) For the issue of workpiece skidding on Welding Roller Bed, Wuxi JACK produce various types of Anti Drift Welding Rotator. If you are interested, please check product HLK Hydraulic Jack up Bolt Adjustable Anti Drift Welding Rotator for stationary welding roller bed, and HLK Traveling Bolt Adjustable Anti Drift Welding Rotator for movable welding roller bed.

Working Video of Welding Pipe Rotator

Welding Turning Roll Validation of Welding Pipe Rotator at Wuxi JACK Facility

Welding Turning Roll Modulation of Welding Pipe Rotator at Wuxi JACK Facility

Glimpse on Wuxi JACK Moving type Welding Pipe Rotator

Introduction on 3 Cases of Special Made Welding Pipe Rotator Delivered from Wuxi JACK

1. Here we can not make list on all the special made Welding Pipe Rotator we have developed in the past, which cover diversified application focus. In this page, we give 3 examples on special Welding Rotator produced by Wuxi JACK;
2. The closed related page of the same product is “Tailor Made Welding Pipe Rotator”.

3. The 3 examples on special Welding Rotator:
1) Anti Drift Welding Rotator;
2) Down Pressure type Leadscrew Adjustable Welding Pipe Rotator.
3) Integrated Function Welding Pipe Rotator

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1. Anti Drift Welding Rotator

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1. Position and Scope of Anti Drift Welding Rotator:

1) Anti Drift Welding Rotator belongs to a branch of HLK series bolt adjustable Welding Pipe Rotator. Due to its important position and people’s special attention on such kind of Anti Drift Welding Rotator, we take Anti Drift Welding Rotator as an independent product group of Welding Pipe Rotator;
2) Anti Drift Welding Rotator is applied in the range of HLK series heavy duty bolt adjusting Welding Pipe Rotator, usually from loading capacity of 80Ton (HLK80) to 500Ton (HLK500) welding roller bed;


2. Why is it so Important of Anti Drift Welding Rotator?

1) In the application of Welding Pipe Rotator, there is a kind of frequently happened issues in circumferential welding of large size and heavy duty working parts, which have wide applications in industries of Oil Field, Petrochemical, Marine Engineering… That such kind of workpieces usually need several rounds of welding seam for its fabrication with Welding Pipe Rotator;
2) Suppose carry out circumferential welding on these large heavy working parts with ordinary Welding Pipe Rotator, the working parts are prone to skid a little bit, which makes deviation of finished welding seam. This leads to inferior welding quality. Under these conditions, you may need select Anti Drift Welding Rotator.


3. The Control Theory of Anti Drift Welding Rotator:

1) The anti drifting function is realized with idler section welding roller bed of the Welding Pipe Rotator, which makes adjustment on position of workpiece by means of uplifting a certain stroke, after getting the command from control system of Anti Drift Welding Rotator;
2) The modulating movement of idler welding roller bed is implemented in two ways: Either manual control, or automatic control of Welding Pipe Rotator;
3) In the product section of HLK Hydraulic Jack Up Bolt Adjustable Anti Drift Welding Rotator and HLK Traveling Bolt Adjustable Anti Drift Welding Rotator, we introduce in detail the mechanical arrangement, especially idler welding roller bed, control system and special point of Anti Drift Welding Rotator. If you are interested, please check.

4. Technical Parameters of Anti Drift Welding Rotator:

Anti Drifting Welding Rotator

2. Down Pressure type Leadscrew Adjustable Welding Pipe Rotator

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1. Purpose of HGK Down Pressure type Leadscrew adjustable Welding Pipe Rotator:

1) Many of special Welding Rotator is made on the basis of HGK Leadscrew adjustable welding roller bed. This is because that, leadscrew adjusting Welding Roller Bed is the type of Welding Pipe Rotator with availability on precisely and continuously managing workpiece diameter;

2) Besides, HGK Leadscrew adjustable Welding Pipe Rotator is for processing light duty working parts, which is prone to skidding during rotating circumferential welding process, especially those with lightweight working parts;

3) This down pressure type special made Welding Pipe Rotator is developed for such kind of application scenario. By means of its downward stroke welding turning roll, the small and light workpieces can be held firmly and reliably with three points acting.

2. Structure and Working Principle of Down Pressure type Leadscrew adjustable Welding Pipe Rotator:

In the product HGK Down Pressure type Leadscrew Adjustable Welding Pipe Rotator, we give detailed introduction it.

3. Technical Parameters of Down Pressure type Leadscrew adjustable Welding Pipe Rotator:

As mentioned earlier, such kind of down pressure type special Welding Rotator is applied to light duty loading capacity of 2Ton welding roller bed:

 Max. Loading Capacity of
 Welding Roller Bed
 2 Ton
 Way of Welding Turning Roll
 Distance Control
 Leadscrew Adjusting
 Workpiece Diameter Range  250 ~ 1800 mm
 Pressing Welding Turning
 Roller Drive and Stroke
 A.C. motor drive, 500mm
 Welding Turning Roll Linear
 Revolving Speed
 100 ~ 1000 mm/min., VFD
 A.C. Motor  2 x 0.18 kW
 Center Distance of Welding
 Turning Roller
 300 ~ 950 m



3. Integrated Function Special Welding Rotator:

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1. What is Integrated Function Welding Pipe Rotator?

1) Integrated function Special Welding Rotator is combination of two types of welding roller bed;

2) For example, the stock of Welding Pipe Rotator in the first photo at left hand:

a) At first glance you may judge these are self adjustable welding roller bed, judging from its way of arrangement on welding turning roll: There are 4 pieces of welding turning roll in one set of welding roller bed;
b) On the other hand, checking the structure of its welding roller bed, this is also a bolt adjustable Welding Pipe Rotator. So, it is a set of HGZ and HLK integrated Welding Pipe Rotator;

2. The Benefit of Integrated Function Special Welding Rotator:

1) With such combination of HGZ self adjusting and HLK bolt adjusting welding roller bed, this integrated function Welding Pipe Rotator can get wider range of applicable working parts, in terms of both diameter range and thickness;
2) We know each kind of standard Welding Pipe Rotator has its unique advantages and application focus. With such combination of welding roller bed and welding turning roll, this kind of integrated function Welding Pipe Rotator plays the double function and merit of both self adjusting and bolt adjusting welding roller bed.

2. Technical Parameters of Integrated function Special Made Welding Pipe Rotator:

Technical parameters of such integrated function special Welding Rotator depends on specific design. The welding roller bed in the left hand photos has 80ton loading capacity.

Application Range of Special Welding Rotator from Wuxi JACK

1. The Small Volume Application of Welding Roller Bed:

Welding Pipe Rotator sometimes also works with special welding equipment for making special shape parts, such as Custom made Circumferential Welding machine for Pipe Flange, or Tailor made Circumferential Welding machine for Small Flange, and Special made Circumferential Welding machine for Small Cylinder Body, etc.;

2. Other Equipment Working together with Welding Pipe Rotator:

As we discussed in other product, for welding cylindrical parts, you need pre-machining equipment before using Welding Pipe Rotator. For example,
1) Edge Milling Machine to make welding groove before joint of steel plate which is for bending into cylinder;
2) Plate Butt Joint Welding machine for making longer and or wider steel plate;
3) Beam End Face Milling Machine, for polishing end face of pipes and tanks, before making circumferential welding in Welding Pipe Rotator to join these working parts.
Welding Pipe Rotator

Welding Roller Bed

Welding Pipe Rotator

Manufacturing Special Welding Rotator at Wuxi JACK

Wuxi JACK Welding Pipe Rotator, there is always one fitting for you!

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