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Our Custom-made Service For Beam Assembly Machine

As a member of machine tool industry with great technical challenge, our length lies in custom- made machine ever since start-up of our company. We can not only produce standard product of good quality, such as Plate Edge Milling Machine, Beam End Face Milling Machine, etc, but also design and manufacture special-made customer. This is critical point of building our differentiation advantage.
With years of accumulation, we have designed and made large quantity of various products both for Chinese domestic and abroad customer, and gained word of mouth.

In June 2014 Innovative Large-scale Milling& Facing Center exported to Belarus

Customer: PROTOS LLC, the Republic of Belarus. This large-scale center consists of 2sets of CNC milling machine, which can mill 2 faces of beam at the same time. The size of workable beam cross section is H 1500mm with W 4000mm. One set of milling machine can travel along lengthways direction depending on beam length. The other set can revolve integrally for milling tilting face of beam. At the completion of machine move and or revolve, it is secured tightly on the base.
The center features in large scale, complete function and superior performance, which is innovative in design and manufacture. It is the milling center of best performance and the most complete function both in Chinese domestic market and abroad.

In July 2019 Export one set of innovative SXBJ-12 Plate Edge-milling machine to Russia

Innovation of this edge milling machine lies in its automatic feeding-in &out unit, which greatly  reduces labor intensity. This machine has capability of machining steel plate of 12m length, 3.5m width, 120mm thickness. It is equipped with 2 sets of MU6S milling head, as well as hydraulic drive unit.
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