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1.     Usage of Welding Rotator:

1)      HGZ, HGK, HLK series Welding Rotator is a kind of general purpose equipment for Welding, Assembly, Testing on cylindrical parts, such as pipe, tube, vessel, tank, etc.;

2)      Welding Rotator has wide application in many industries, for example Petrochemical, Pressure Vessel, Boiler, etc.;

3)      Besides the name of Welding Rotator, there are some synonyms with this equipment, including but not limited to Welding Turning Roll, Welding Turning Roller, Welding Roller Bed, etc.;

4)      Welding Rotator is the one of the most widely applied welding equipment. The other two common used welding equipment is Welding Positioner, and Welding Manipulator. Working together with robots and welding manipulator, Welding Rotator can also be formed into Welding Center of various tailor made specification, to meet personalized demand from customer.

2.     Mainstream Classification on Welding Rotator:

At first glance, Welding Roller Bed is a kind of “simple” equipment in terms of appearance and structure. On the other hand, based on specific customer demand and practical application, there are many variations with this Welding Turning Roll;

The most popular and recognized classification on the Welding Rotator is based on adjustment way on the center distance of each set of the welding roller beds:

1)      HGZ series Self Adjusting Welding Rotator: 

Fig1 Self Adjusting Welding Rotator

a)       The other name is Self Adjusting Welding Roller Bed, Self Adjusting Welding Turning Roll;

b)      The most salient feature with this kind of Welding Rotator in terms of structure, is the surrounding angle of two welding Roller Bed is adjusted automatically based on diameter of workpiece cylindrical parts put onto it;

c)       The most obvious characteristic with Self Adjusting Welding Rotator in terms of appearance, is it has four pieces of rollers in one set of Welding Roller Bed;

2)      HGK series Adjusting Welding Rotator by Leadscrew: 

Fig2 Welding Rotator

a)       Adjusting Welding Rotator by Leadscrew make adjustment on the center distance between the two pieces of rollers in one set of Welding Roller Bed by means of turning leadscrew, either by manual, or motor drive;

b)      This kind of Adjusting Welding Rotator by Leadscrew belongs to relative light duty Welding Turning Roll, compared with the other two types of Self Adjusting Welding Rotator, and Adjusting Welding Rotator by Bolt. The largest tonnage with it in standard model is 60~ 100 Ton;

c)       On the other hand, HGK series Adjusting Welding Rotator by Leadscrew also belongs to relative precision Welding Turning Roll compared with the other two types of Welding Rotator;

3)      HLK series Adjusting Welding Rotator by Bolt: 

Fig3 Welding Turning Roll

a)       HLK series Adjusting Welding rotator by Bolt adjusts center distance between the two pieces of rollers in set of Welding Roller Bed, by means of fitting the installation bolts into different grades of mounting holes;

b)      Compared with HGK series Adjusting Welding Rotator by Leadscrew, and HLK series Adjusting Welding rotator by Bolt belongs to heavy duty Welding Turning Roll. Its largest tonnage in standard model is 1000 Ton, and 2000 Ton in Special Made Welding Rotator;

4)      On the aspect of loading capacity, we have also Light duty Welding Rotator, Medium duty Welding Rotator and Heavy duty Welding Rotator within each group (HGZ, HGK, HLK series) to distinguish.

3.     The Classification of Welding Roller Bed on the Second Aspect:

On the basis of the above mentioned differentiation on HGZ, HGK, HLK series Welding Turning Roll, there are also some sub categories with each type:

1)      Stationary Welding Rotator: 

Fig4 Welding Roller Bed

This account for majority of Welding Rotator. The two or more sets of Welding Roller Bed in it are stationary type;

2)      Motor drive Traveling Welding Rotator: 

Fig5 Traveling Welding Rotator

To catering for varying length of long workpiece, and easy for transportation or relocation, some of the Welding Rotator have motors for traveling installed, so that the Welding Roller Bed has capability of movement;

3)      Welding Roller Bed fixed and adjustable type;

4)      Anti Drifting Welding Rotator: 

Fig6 Anti Drifting Welding Rotator

This is a “High end” and complicated type of Welding Rotator, for preventing the workpiece from drifting during its revolve on the Welding Roller Bed, so that to get the best precision of processing outcome;

5)      Conventional versus Down Pressure type Welding Turning Roll: 

Fig7 Welding Rotator

This is Special Made Welding Rotator for clamping small size workpiece;

6)      Special Made Welding Rotator

4.     Summary on Introduction of Product Family of Welding Turning Roll:

1)      In this product family of Welding Rotator, we will make introduction in the principal line of:

a)       HGZ series Self Adjusting Welding Rotator;

b)      HGK series Adjusting Welding Rotator by Leadscrew;

c)       HLK series Adjusting Welding Rotator by Bolt;

And enrich each sub categories of the Welding Roller Bed with several common types;

2)      Technical parameter of all the Welding Rotator please see each model of the product section of Welding Roller Bed.

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