HGK Automatic Electric Travelable Adjustable Welding Rotator by Leadscrew
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HGK Automatic Electric Travelable Adjustable Welding Rotator by Leadscrew


This section of HGK adjustable roller bed by leadscrew is with traveling motion. As we introduced in standard product of adjusting with leadscrew, there are many variants on the basis of basic design& configuration, to meet the specific demand of certain aspect. And as to travelable turning roll itself, there are also several kinds of specific design, which differs from each other in some ways.


Here we just use this specific one of electric turning roller as generalization on the product group of motor-drive movable:

From attached picture we can see,

   1) Motion Boundary:

      Traveling stroke of this travelable turning roller is confined within range of platform. It can be viewed a working


   2) Guideway:

      Guiderails are fit at both sides of the platform, with limit switches at its extreme position;

   3) Set Unit:

      Driving roller bed is stationary, fixed at starting point of traveling stroke;

   4) Motion Unit:

     Idler roller bed is travelable, powered with motor reducer;

   5) Traveling Speed:

     Usually is constant speed, for example, 3m/min. Variable speed of travelable turning roll is also available;

   6) Retaining of Motion:

     Traveling is powered with brake motor. To have the idler roller bed stopped at certain location on the guiderail,

     just have the braking unit of the brake motor acts. Meanwhile, we have a manual spanner to lock the rollers in

    position. That gives double insurance on traveling management of this efficient roller bed. See below picture;


   7) Terrace:

    The platform of this automatic roller bed is welded into an integral one with checkered plate and section steels,

   and secured into workshop floor with anchor bolts;

   8) Interconnection Available:

    Control system of this travelable adjustable roller bed by leadscrew has open interface, for future expansion of

    linkage with other equipment, such as column& boom;

   9) Practical Use:

    This automatic roller bed is for performing assignments on workpieces of varying length, or working with 

   manipulator, to weld longitudinal seam on the tube/pipe;

   10) More Transformation:

     As explained at beginning of this section, this specific design of automatic rolling bed is just an example on 

    traveling type adjustable rolling bed by leadscrew. There are many more options for customers to choose from:

     -  Length of platform;

     -  Span of rollers, or, adjustable center distance by leadscrew for pipe diameter;

     -  No platform, the guiderails are fit in the shop floor;

     -  Both the driving and idler roller beds of electric turn roller are movable;

      - All loading weight of adjustable rolling bed by leadscrew can be made into traveling type;

      - Traveling motor can be removed, to change into manual movement, etc.

    11) Management:

      Operation of these traveling function efficient turn roller is realized with operating panel on control board, foot

      pedal switch, and remote control.


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