Efficient Automated Length Direction Angle Steel Straightening Machine
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Efficient Automated Length Direction Angle Steel Straightening Machine


As wrapping up on this ASEM-series Efficient Angle Steel Straightening Machine, besides introduction on its straightening principle/operation and machine structure, we want to highlight on its safety and daily use.


Safety is the foremost factor for manufacturer and user of mechanical machine. For this ASEM-series Automatic Angle Iron Straighten Equipment, from idea design to structure design to technology simulation, safety penetrates every step of equipment develop.


Examples of shining points listed but not limited to:

  1. The design of semi-enclosed cavity housing top& bottom straightening rollers gives consideration on both easy monitoring on straightening operation, and safety – With inaccessible rollers by hand, risk of “squeeze” is eliminated;

  2. The chain of transmission motor reducer poses risk of entanglement during work--- For which we fit a cover on it to eliminate the hidden trouble. See below picture:

 Fig1 微信图片_20210619182303

3. An indicating lamp of 3-color is installed at top of the machine body. If ever problem or issue happens, its red color will illuminate to give real-time alarm. This is kind of Andon system; See below picture:

 Fig2 微信图片_20210620102556

4. Last but not least, the Emergency-STOP button is close at hand either at control board and operating pendant. (See above photo) Whenever contingency happens, the equipment can be stopped immediately. This is the last barrier on security of the Automated Angle Iron Straighten Equipment.


For smooth, reliable running of the Angle Iron Straighten Equipment of long time use, beside safety, preparation before putting into use, which involves foundation/ training, as well as daily maintenance of the equipment, to set up an effective TPM (Total Preventive Maintenance plan) for the General Purpose Angle Iron Straighten Equipment are also of vital importance. For these we as producer of the equipment of Efficient Angle Iron Straighten Equipment, 

Promise service to our customers as below:

  1. Detailed instruction in machine manual book;

  2. Installation/Commissioning/Training at customer site;

  3. 1 year guarantee from the date of acceptance;

  4. Preferential price of service after 1 year guarantee


Below is specification of ASM-series High Efficiency Angle Iron Straighten Equipment:  



Technical   parameter

ASM63 ~ 200

Min. Cross-Section size of

Angle Steel (mm)

20 ×20×3 ~ 60 ×60×5

Max. Cross-Section size of

Angle Steel (mm)

63 ×63×8 ~ 160 ×160×12

Max. Length of Angle Steel (mm)


Angle Steel   Straightening Speed (mm/min.)


Straightening   Rollers Interval (mm)

393 ~ 697

Diameter of Top/Bottom   roller (mm)

240/230 (Top / Bottom) for ASM63/100

270/260 (Top / Bottom) for ASM130/160/200

Straightening   Rollers Quantity

4/3 (Top / Bottom) for ASM63/100

5/4 (Top / Bottom) for ASM130/160/200

Main motor power

5.5kW for ASM63 ~ 18.5kW for ASM200

Input Conveyor   Length (m)

5.8 (Or designated by customer)

Output Conveyor   Length (m)

  1. 5.8      (Or   designated by customer)


As concluding, we expect customers across countries to have inquiry on this High Speed Angle Iron Straighten Equipment.


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