Z15 Manual Alignment H Beam Assembly Machine with Automatic Tack Welding
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Z15 Manual Alignment H Beam Assembly Machine with Automatic Tack Welding


This Z15 hydraulic H Beam Assembly machine is with automatic CO2 tack welding, and manual alignment of Flanges and web, for producing assembled and tack-welded H Beam of max. 1500mm web width.


  1. Manual Alignment and Clamp of Flanges with Web

      As compared with the automatic style of self-alignment introduced in the previous product of Z20 self-

      alignment hydraulic H Beam Assembly equipment, the similarity and difference between manual alignment and

      self-alignment are listed below:


     [1] Quantityof the rollers and their arrangement are the same (8 pieces/set);


    [1] Drive wayof these 8 pieces of rollers:

  • Self-Alignment is with oil cylinder on both sides of the web;

  • Manual Alignment is with one side oil cylinder, and the other side by hand: A handwheel fit on the lateral side body of this hydraulic automatic H Beam Assembly machine, and a piece of leadscrew connected with it;

    [2] Alignment operation:

  • Self-Alignment is automatically, without human intervention;

  • Manual Alignment is with the handwheel mentioned above: By turning it, the leadscrew connected with this handwheel revolves forward, and pushes the 4 rollers of this side approaching the web, until contacting with and then being held against the web tightly, thus finishing manual alignment process;

    [3] Advantage of Self-Alignment and Manual Alignment of flanges and web for this  hydraulic I Beam Assembly


  • Self-Alignment operation is easy and time saving;

  • Manual Alignment can make alignment in fine and precise way


  2.  PLC and Inverter control on automatic CO2 welding process of the hydraulic H Beam Assembly and Tack

      Welding machine

   1) PLC and inverter are the 2 essential components for realizing automatic CO2 welding in H Beam assembly and

       tack weld process;

   2) And, Z15~Z18 hydraulic automatic H Beam Assembly and Tack Welding machine is the solitary equipment 

      among welding H Beam production equipment which utilizes PLC to fulfil its control process;

   3) In this sense, we can say hydraulic automatic H Beam Assembly equipment is the most sophisticated one in

       the process technology of welding H Beam;

   4) As everyone in the industry knows, PLC replaces hard-wired relay circuit in controlling working process of 

       machine, by means of editable program embedded in it. To change control logic of the machine, just compile

       the user program of the PLC, instead of arduous and time-consuming redesign of relay circuit. It is very

       suitable for achieving complicated tack welding process of the machine;

   5) Inverter works in couple with the PLC, to control the CO2 welding speed of this hydraulic automatic H Beam 

      Assembly and Tack Weld machine. Based on parameters such as H Beam thickness, there are 8 options of 

     welding speed, which can be set up ahead of time into PLC user program. And with a dial switch on the 

     operating pendant, welding velocity can be switched among these 8 stages;

   6) As to brand of PLC and inverter of this Z15~Z18 series of hydraulic H Beam Assembly and Tack Weld machine,

       majority conditions we select Japan Mitsubishi;

    7) Manual books of PLC and inverter are delivered to customer as part of technical documents, at acceptance of

       this Z15~Z20 hydraulic automatic I Beam Assembly machine.


Below are specifications of this Z15 Manual Alignment H Beam Assembly Machine with automatic Tack Welding:


Z15 Manual Alignment with Automatic Tack Welding

Max. H Beam Web Width (mm)


H Beam Web Thickness (mm)


H Beam Flange Width (mm)


H Beam Flange Thickness (mm)


H Beam Length (mm)


Max. H Beam Weight

20 Ton.

Web and Flange Alignment Style

 Manual Alignment

Tack Welding Style

Automatic   CO2 tack welding

PLC and Inverter brand

Japan Mitsubishi

CO2 Welding machine Brand and model

Chinese HUAYUAN NB-350HD, or

Japan Panasonic KR350



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