Z15~Z20 Automatic H Beam Assembly Machine with Tack Welding
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Z15~Z20 Automatic H Beam Assembly Machine with Tack Welding


This Z15~Z20 refers to product group of automatic I Beam Assembly equipment (equal to H Beam) with self-alignment (Assembly) and automatic CO2 tack welding (realized in the fashion of 2 sets of gas-shielded welding power source controlled with PLC and inverter).


As discussed in previous section of Z15/Z18/Z20 manual I Beam Assembly equipment (synonym of welding H Beam Assembling machine), some of advantages with automatic machine are listed below but not limited to:

  1) Operation of this automated I Beam Assembly equipment involvesonly 1 operatorinstead of 2 operators in

      manual machine;

   2) Stable and consistent assembly& welding quality delivered compared with manual machine;

   3) Less requirement on skill and experience of operator than manual machine;

This is the reason nowadays automatic I Beam Assembly equipment with tack welding takes more and more share in this H Beam production step.


Electric system controls machine operation, and achieves automatic working mode. Below is brief on electric system of the Z15/Z18/Z20 automated I Beam Assembly equipment with Tack Weld:

  1) PLC

    - PLC is core element of control system;

    - Its process flow is draft on the basis of process technology of H Beam assembly and tack welding;

    - PLC program is compiled on the basis of the above-mentioned process flow;

    - During work of automatic I Beam Assembling equipment, PLC sends out command in the form of digital signal,

      controlling function elements acts accordingly, fulfilling tasks of positioning H-beam web and flange, FOR/RVR

      of input and output drive conveyor, weld start, etc.;

    - Change on machine control logic involves only compiling PLC program, instead of reworking or replacing

      hard-wired relay circuit. This is the most conspicuous merit with PLC;

  2) Inverter

    - Main drive motor, input and output drive conveyor of this automated H Beam Assembling equipment are all

      controlled with inverter, in unified speed;

    - 8 sets of frequency are set in the inverter ahead of time (preset), corresponding with 8 segments of required

      motor revolve velocity;

    - When this automated I Beam Assembling equipment works under Single Cycle or Auto Cycle, output frequency

      of inverter is controlled with PLC;

    - When the machine works under Manual mode, output frequency of the inverter is controlled with a DIP switch

      on the machine operating panel;

    - Inverter used in these Z15/Z18/Z20 automatic welding I Beam Assembling machine has 0~400Hz output 

      frequency range, 0.01Hz resolution, and consummate protection function;

    - This makes sure that speed control of main drive and conveyor features in extensive range, smooth running 

      and reliable work;

  3) Working Mode

    - This Z15~Z20 automatic welding H Beam Assembling machine with tack welding has three working modes to

      choose from: AUTO/ SINGLE/ MANUAL;

    - Switch among these 3 working modes is made with the corresponding pushbuttons on operating pendant of 

      the machine;

    - We will explain meaning of these three working modes in next section of product;

    - Attached please check operating pendant for machine exported to Russia


Below are specifications of this Z15~Z20 Automatic H Beam Assembly Machine with Tack Welding:


Z15~Z20 Self Alignment with

Automatic Tack Welding

Max. H Beam Web Width (mm)


H Beam Web Thickness (mm)


H Beam Flange Width (mm)


H Beam Flange Thickness (mm)


H Beam Length (mm)


Max. H Beam Weight

20 Ton.

Web and Flange Alignment Style

 Self-Alignment (Automatic)

Tack Welding Style

Automatic CO2 tack welding

CO2 Gas Shielded Welding Power Source

Panasonic   KR350 or HUAYUAN NB350


1 operator

Assembly and Tack Welding speed (mm/min.)

500 ~ 6000


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