Z15~Z20 Automated H Beam Assembly Machine with Tack Welding
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Z15~Z20 Automated H Beam Assembly Machine with Tack Welding


This series of Z15~Z20 also covers automatic welding H Beam Assembling machine of hydraulic drive. Today it accounts for majority of H Beam assembly and tack welding application, thanks to advantages of high and persistent quality, as well as saving variable cost of manual labor. This is the reason we use large section of the product family of hydraulic welding H Beam Assembling machine to have present on it.


In the previous section of Z15~Z20 automatic welding I Beam Assembling machine, we mentioned the three working modes of MANUAL/ SINGLE/ AUTO. Here we will explore it in further detail:

   1.Manual mode:

     [1] It is default working mode of the machine. Which means, the machine works under Manual mode

          automatically after power on;

      [2] This mode is for trial run, commissioning, and trouble shooting if any;

      [3] With start of oil pump, this automatic welding I Beam Assembling equipment have operations of:

         1) Forward& Backward of drive, input& output conveyor;

         2) Clamp& release on oil cylinder of pulling rod system;

         3) Press& release of gantry roller;

         4) Start on oil cylinder of flange and web alignment unit;

         5) Extension& retreat of positioning unit;

         6) Upward & downward of welding torch;

         7) Start& stop of welding power source. 

   2. Single Cycle

       1) Definition: The automatic welding H Beam Assembly machine welds a segment of welding seam during

           period T, and advances the assembled H-beam a distance at the same time. This is called Single Cycle; 

       2) We use VL (velocity low) for conveyor speed during welding; And VH (velocity high) for conveyor speed

           during idle travel; Period t1 means welding cycle;

       3) Within period t1, driving conveyor sends H Beam forward in speed VL, and meanwhile, welding power

           source finishes a segment of welding seam on the workpiece;

       4) During period T-t1, welding power source stops working, and driving conveyor sends the H Beam a distance

          in speed VH;

       5) Thus finishes one time of Single Cycle in the operation of Z15~Z20 automatic welding H Beam Assembly 


   3. Auto Cycle:

      [1] Definition: The automatic and continuous running of Single cycle is Auto cycle.

      [2] Operation:

       1) With power on and oil pump start, no matter this welding I Beam Assembling equipment is in Manual mode

           or Single Cycle mode, just press the Auto Cycle button on the operating pendant, the machine will be 

          switched to Auto Cycle; 

       2) If operation of this automatic welding I Beam Assembly equipment is correct and conforms to requirement 

          of welding process technology, the whole piece of H Beam can be assembled and tack welded in Auto Cycle


       3) At completion of this piece of H Beam, just press Manual button and Output Conveyor Forward button, the

         assembled H Beam will be sent to next process step;

       4) On the other hand, if there exist problem with operation of the automatic welding I Beam Assembly 

          machine, just press Manual button, the machine will shift to Manual mode;

       5) Only when troubleshooting is done, can the machine work under Auto Cycle again.


In next section of product Z15~Z20 high efficiency H Beam Assembly machine we will have an introduction on machine operation in the three working modes, by means of operating pendant.


Below are specifications of this Z15~Z20 Automated Hydraulic Welding I Beam Assembling Machine with Tack Welding:


Z15~Z20 Self Alignment with

Automatic CO2 Tack Welding

Max. H Beam Web Width (mm)


H Beam Web Thickness (mm)


H Beam Flange Width (mm)


H Beam Flange Thickness (mm)


H Beam Length (mm)


Max. H Beam Weight

20 Ton.

Working Mode


Web and Flange Alignment Style

 Self-Alignment (Automatic)

Tack Welding Style

Automatic CO2 tack welding

CO2 Gas Shielded Welding Power Source

Panasonic   KR350 or HUAYUAN NB350


1 operator

Assembly and Tack Welding speed (mm/min.)

500 ~  6000



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