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1.     Usage of the HB series Welding Positioner:

1)      The HB series Welding Positioner is for welding structure members of various type at optimum position, for the purpose of getting best ergonomics position, and guaranteeing best welding quality accordingly;

2)      In practical application, the Welding Positioner is not only used as individual Welding Turning Table, but also worked together with other important welding equipment: Welding Rotator, and or Welding Manipulator, sometimes formed into various design of Welding Center, to fulfil complicated tailor made welding tasks at customer site.

2.     Working Principle of the HB series Welding Positioner:

The way to acquiring the above mentioned ideal orientation of the structure member is by means of its revolving, tilting and elevating in the Weld Positioner: Upon fixation of the workpiece, it can be adjusted to best welding position by means of Elevation, Revolve and Tilt in the Rotary Welding Positioner. 

Fig1 Welding Positioner   Fig2 Welding Positioner

 3. General Broad Categories of the HB series Welding Positioner:

1)      The Simplest type of Welding Positioner:

a)       In this respect, this Welding Positioning Equipment is in essence a kind of motorized and complicated control fixture with one or more degree of freedom;

b)      The basic and indispensable working motion in the Welding Positioner is 360° forward and backward infinite revolving of workpiece, which is secured on working table of the Rotary Welding Positioner during revolving. And the Welding Positioner with this solitary control axis is Single Axis Welding Turning Table;

Fig3 Welding Turning Table

2)      The Universal Welding Positioner:

On that basis, the more common seen Rotary Welding Positioner is with tilting function, on one piece of working table, composed into the most widely applied Universal Welding Positioner of this HB series product family: The Single Working Table Welding Positioner of various loading tonnage;

Fig4 Weld Positioner

3)      The Series of Standard and Special made Welding Positioner:

For accommodating diversified structure and dimensions of structure members in Welding Positioner, and fulfilling expected welding outcome, there are series of variations on the basis of the above mentioned Single Working Table Welding Positioner.  

4.     Detailed Classification on Standard and Special made Rotary Welding Positioner:

For welding workpiece of various kinds, the Welding Positioner has many variations in terms of:

1)      Depending on Working Table Quantity of the Weld Positioner:

a)       Single Table type Rotary Welding Positioner: The above mentioned Universal Welding Positioner;

b)      Double Table Top Welding Positioner: This helps the Welding Positioning Equipment being applicable for varied length, especially long length of structure member; 

Fig5 Welding Positioner

2)      Depending on Loading Capacity of the Rotary Welding Positioner:

a)       Light duty Welding Positioner (less than 1Ton);

b)      Medium duty Welding Positioner (1~ 10Ton);

c)       Heavy duty Welding Positioner (Higher than 10Ton);

3)      Depending on Vertical Axis of the Rotary Welding Positioner:

a)       Stationary type Welding Positioner: The height of the Welding Turning Table is fixed. This is applied for fixed and small to medium height of structure member;

b)      Elevating Welding Positioner: The height of the Welding Turning Table can be changed with either manual and or motor control. This is applied for varying height, especially tall height of structure member; 

    Fig6 Welding Positioner    Fig7 Welding Positioner

4)      Depending on Tilting Axis of the Rotary Welding Positioner:

a)       Fixed type (No tilting) Rotary Welding Positioner: This is the previous discussed Single Axis Welding Turning Table;

b)      Tilting type Rotary Welding Positioner: This is the previous discussed standard and Universal Welding Positioner;

5)      Depending on Drive and Transmission of the Rotary Welding Positioner:

a)       Ordinary motor reducer Welding Turning Table: This accounts for over 90% of the Weld Positioner;

b)      Servo or CNC precision type Rotary Welding Positioner: This is for tailor made and high precision application of the Welding Positioning Equipment;

6)      Depending on Machine Body of the Welding Positioner:

a)       Round Work Table type Welding Positioner; 

Fig8 Weld Positioner

b)      Square Work Table type Welding Positioner; 

Fig9 Welding Turning Table

c)       L type Welding Positioner; 

Fig10 Welding Positioner

d)      Welding Turning Table Welding Positioner

e)      Fixture type Welding Positioner;

7)      Depending on Workpiece of the Welding Positioner:

a)       For structure members Rotary Welding Positioner;

b)      For pipes Rotary Welding Positioner;

8)      Depending on Control Axis of the Rotary Welding Positioner:

There are 1~3 control axis, or degree of freedom in Rotary Welding Positioner: Revolving, Lifting, Tilting.

5.     Summary on the HB series Rotary Welding Positioner:

1)      In All, with the combination of the above mentioned specifications, there are numerous specific welding positioner to choose from, for getting the best welding solution for customer;

2)      At this section of product family for Welding Positioner, we will have introduction on several models. These products are just part of the Welding Positioner product group and listed for example. We will design and produce the fittest Welding Positioner for customer based on your practical needs.

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