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Welding Equipment: Gantry Welding Machine, Longitudinal Seam Welding Machine, Roller Strap Cladding Machine


The Meaning and Range of Welding Equipment:

1. Welding Equipment is broad concept, covering all machines, equipment, mechanisms for implementing various types of welding: SAW (Submerged arc welding), CO2 gas shielded welding, TIG, MIG, etc... on different kinds of workpieces;
2. In practical application, Welding Equipment comes in wide variety of specific structure, size, operation, being applied in nearly every corner of manufacturing industry. There is a branch of important Welding Equipment: Pipe Welding Machine, which carry out longitudinal welding, or circumferential welding, or back welding, on various types and sizes of tubes and pipes;

3. The Common Points of These Welding Equipment are:

1) The operation of the Welding Equipment focuses on realizing certain type of welding mode, on certain type of workpiece, usually special designed and manufactured. Here we just pick up 4 examples as applicating cases of Welding Equipment from Wuxi JACK for customers;
2) The on-site running of Welding Equipment sometimes involves assistant work of Welding Fixture;
3) For quick reviewing, please visit summary slides web page “Brief on Wuxi JACK Pipe Welding Machine and Welding Equipment”.

Welding Equipment Delivered from Wuxi JACK

Gantry Welding Machine

The Definition on Gantry Welding Machine and its Extensive Use:

1. Gantry Welding Machine accounts for the largest share in Welding Equipment. Its mechanical structure is in the form of either fixed, or moving type mechanical gantry frame, in the size ranging from as small as adult people height, to 4m height or even higher;
2. Gantry Welding Machine can be adopted in large scale project site such as Municipal Engineering, for fabricating electric light pole; To laboratory sites, for validating various kinds of welding mode;
3. Here we give introduction on 2 types of Gantry Welding Machine, which belong to common used Welding Equipment: Gantry Welding Machine for Lamp Post Production, and Gantry Welding Machine for Lab Use.

LHG Gantry Welding Machine for Lamp Post Production

Please check picture and working video of the Gantry Welding Machine as below:

1. The Application of LHG Gantry Welding Machine for Lamp Post Manufacture:

 1) The illustration on workpiece being fabricated on LHG Gantry Welding Machine is as below: 
Fig1 Gantry Welding Machine 11
2) The lamp post to be welded in this Welding Equipment has length range of 9m to 16m, in slant length direction shape. The inclination angle along total length of the lamp post is ≦8°;
3) This Gantry Welding Machine is for performing finished SAW on the lamp post, following back welding. The requirement on welding in this Welding Equipment is: It should have broad welding face, and deep welding deposition. Correspondingly, both welding current and welding voltage should be sufficient.

2. The Design and Technical Features of LHG Gantry Welding Machine for Lamp Post Manufacture:

1) The general design and layout of this LHG Gantry Welding Machine please check the 1st sketch. It has 16.5m long traveling rail, accommodating the max. length of 16m long workpiece. To fully guaranteeing stable running of the Welding Equipment, the 16.5m cutting rail adopts cutting rails of CNC Strip Plate Cutting Machine
Fig2 Welding Equipment 17 运行导轨
2) Main Frame of the Gantry Welding Machine: As shown in the 2nd sketch, to cater for Dia.300mm to Dia.2500 lamp post to be fabricated in this Welding Equipment, the entire platform can be elevated integrally inside the 4m height box frame, guided with 4 pieces of precise linear guiderails, on the 4 columns of the Welding Equipment box frame; 
Fig3 Gantry Welding Machine 16
3) SAW power supply, wire feeding unit, and welding flux recovery machine is put on the overhead platform of the Gantry Welding Machine, accessed by way of climbing ladder: 
Fig4 13 Welding Equipment 2
4) Welding Torch Group in the Gantry Welding Machine: As shown in the 3rd photo, to make sure welding torch always aim at centerline of welding seam during running of the Welding Equipment, the welding torch is equipped with one set of cross slides inching adjustment unit: 
Fig5 Welding Equipment 14
5) Workpiece Fixture in the Gantry Welding Machine: Please check below sketch. To support reliably the taper long length workpiece in this Welding Equipment, the workpiece holding fixture is in the form of 2 pieces of Welding Rotator. With its revolving, the welding seam on the lamp post will be rotated to 12 o’clock position, which is the perfect position for performing welding in the Gantry Welding Machine. 
Fig6 Gantry Welding Machine 15

3. Technical Parameters of LHG Gantry Welding Machine for Lamp Post

  Workpiece Length L  9000 ~ 16000 mm
 Large End Diameter D  ≤2500 mm
 Small End Diameter d  ≥300 mm
 Workpiece Taper  a=8°(a=(D-d)/L)
 Workpiece Weight  ≤6000 kg
 Gantry Travel Speed (Welding Speed)  200 ~ 2000 mm/min.
 Gantry Travel Drive Motor  2 x 1.1kW, double drive
 Gantry Travel Rail  24kg/m, precise honing
 Welding Torch Transverse Moving
 0.2 kW
 Platform Elevating Motor  2.2 kW
 Platform Elevating Speed  1500 mm/min.

Gantry Welding Machine for Lab Use

1. Outline on Purpose of the Lab Use Gantry Welding Machine:

1) This set of Lab Use Gantry Welding Machine was designed and produced by Wuxi JACK for a world class welding power supply producer in the industry, to be installed in their welding laboratory, for the purpose of validating their various newly-developed welding technique;
2) Compared with the Gantry Welding Machine for lamp post, this Welding Equipment has much compact size. For the ease of adjusting welding control console, its mechanical body is in the height of adult male. Besides, the mechanical body of the Welding Equipment is fixed into floor.

2. Technical Requirement on Lab Use Gantry Welding Machine:

Correspondingly, this special made Lab Use Gantry Welding Machine should meet the requirement of:
1) The front and rear sides of Welding Equipment gantry beam are precisely machined, and assembled with precise linear guiderail and rack, for guiding and transmission of welding torch in the most stable and precise manner;
2) There are mechanical hard stops at both ends of the horizontal guiderails, on the transverse beam of the Gantry Welding Machine;
3) During working of the Welding Equipment, welding torch should be able to be manipulated along 3 directions: Up and down, leftward and rightward, forward and backward. This is accomplished by means of structure of welding carriage, and its movement along transverse beam of the Gantry Welding Machine.

3. Technical Parameters of Lab Use Gantry Welding Machine:

 Gantry Beam Length  4000 mm
 Valid Stroke of Welding Carriage  3400 mm
 Welding Velocity  100~1000 mm/min.
 Welding Velocity Adjustment  VFD Inverter
 Vertical and Horizontal Adjusting
 Stroke of Welding Head
  200 mm, Manual
  Welding Carriage Travel Transmission   Gear and Rack Couple
  Welding Carriage Travel Guideway  Precise Ball Bearing Linear
 Welding Torch Tilting Range  -30°~30°
  Gantry Height  Based on 700mm Height
 Work table
 Distance between Welding Torch
 and front side of Gantry Beam
 400 ~ 500 mm

Longitudinal Seam Welding Machine

1. The Usage of Longitudinal Seam Welding Machine:

1) Longitudinal Seam Welding Machine, as its name suggests, is used for implementing whole length longitudinal seam welding on thin wall cylinder bodies, in the materials of stainless steel, Al, alloy, carbon steel, etc. The thickness of workpiece for this Welding Equipment ranges in the scope of 1mm~ 5mm;
2) The welding mode in Longitudinal Seam Welding Machine is majority TIG, which has high precision and fine welding seam formed.


2. Structure and Working Way of Longitudinal Seam Welding Machine:

1) As can be seen from the lefthand photos, the Longitudinal Seam Welding Machine is in the structure of fixed working table;
2) There is a piece of horizontal gloss solid mandrel beneath working table of the Welding Equipment, which comes all the way through internal of the cylinder, serving as workpiece fixture during running of the Longitudinal Seam Welding Machine;
3) Right above the cylinder, there is an array of keys, which are driven with and clamped by means of air cylinder, for fixing the cylinder firmly, in the period of Longitudinal Seam Welding Machine operation;
4) During work, the welding head move along working table of the Longitudinal Seam Welding Machine, in the adjustable working speed of TIG welding;
5) During working of the Welding Equipment, the mandrel is circulated with cooling water, guaranteeing non-deformation of the thin wall workpiece, which is being welded in this Longitudinal Seam Welding Machine.


3. Technical Parameters of Longitudinal Seam Welding Machine:

 Model of Longitudinal Seam Welding Machine  LW1000/ LW1500/ LW2000
 / LW2500/ LW3000
 Max. Cylinder Length (mm)  1000/ 1500/ 2000/ 2500
 / 3000 mm
  Cylinder Diameter (mm)  ø180~800/ ø 200~1000/ 
 ø 260~1000/ ø 300~1000
 / ø 400~1200
  Wall Thickness (mm)  0.3~5/ 0.4~6/ 0.5~6/ 0.5~6 /
 0.5~ 6
  Welding Speed(mm/min.)   150 ~1500(VFD)
 Positioning Precision (mm/m)  ±0.2
 Max. Welding Current (A)  300
 Purpose  Thin plate butt welding, thin wall pipe Longitudinal Seam welding
 Material  Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Alloy steel, Al
 Welding Mode  TIG/ MIG/ MAG/ CO2 Gas Shielding/ Plasma Welding/ SAW

Roller Strap Cladding Machine

1. Application of Roller Strap Cladding Machine:

Roller Strap Cladding Machine, the other names are Built-up Welding Machine, or Hardfacing Welding Machine, is for depositing a layer of hardfacing on surface of workpiece, especially cylinder bodies, to prevent the workpieces from growing worn.



2. Operation of the Roller Strap Cladding Machine:

1) The welding mode in this Welding Equipment of Roller Strap Cladding Machine usually adopts with SAW, which should feature in small welding current and large welding voltage, rendering thin layer of hardfacing formed on external face of cylinder body;
2) During working of the Roller Strap Cladding Machine, the workpiece is support on a set of Welding Rotator, which revolves the workpiece into rotation, the corresponding linear speed should be adjusted by means of inverter;
3) Meanwhile, welding head moves along transverse beam of the Welding Equipment, making welding performed in the constant pitch, attaining the purpose of hardfacing in this Roller Strap Cladding Machine.



3. Technical Features of the Roller Strap Cladding Machine:

The entire working process of the Roller Strap Cladding Machine is controlled with PLC, and welding speed modulated with inverter. Duty cycle can be up to 100%.
Welding Fixture

Gantry Welding Machine

Ribbed Plate Straightening Machine

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