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1.       Structure and Usage of LHZ series Welding Manipulator:

1)      Welding Manipulator is a kind of very important and indispensable Automatic Welding Equipment, for fabricating all kinds of cylindrical working parts: Pipes/ Tanks/ Pressure Vessels, and other structure members, etc.;

2)      The task of Welding Manipulator is to carry out internal and or external welding inside or outside of workpiece, delivering completed circumferential and or long straight longitudinal welding seams;

3)      Welding Manipulator has structure of cross slides horizontal boom and upright column. The operation of Welding Manipulator is by means of forward and backward (X axis), as well as up and down (Y axis) of boom movement. For this reason, Welding Manipulator has the other names of Welding Column and Boom, or Column and Boom Automatic Welding Equipment.

A set of Wuxi JACK LHZ6x5 Welding Column and Boom working at customer site: (Fig.1)

Fig1 Welding Column and Boom

2.       Application of LHZ series Column and Boom Automatic Welding Equipment:

1)      Applied Industry of Welding Column and Boom:

Welding Manipulator is widely applied in industries with finished products of various cylindrical parts: Pharmaceutical/ Pressure Vessel/ Petro-Chemical/ Oil Tank/ Offshore Wind Tower/ Boiler, etc.;

2)      Operating Form of LHZ series Welding Manipulator:

a)       In practical application, Welding Column and Boom usually work together with other Automatic Welding Equipment;

b)      The most common are Welding Rotator and or Welding Positioner, to have central integrated control, composing tailor made Welding Center of different configurations, meeting personalized customer demand on work parts welding;

3)      Welding Mode adopted in Column and Boom Automatic Welding Equipment:

All the mainstream and novel welding modes: SAW (Submerged arc welding), GMAW CO2, Strip Cladding... can be equipped with LHZ models Welding Manipulator;

Different types of welding heads equipped in Wuxi JACK Column and Boom Automatic Welding Equipment: (Fig.2/3/4)

     Fig2 Column and Boom Automatic Welding Equipment 

4)      Function Elements Equipped in Welding Column and Boom:

The Welding Column and Boom can be equipped with series of optional function components: Welding Power and its control panel, Seam Tracking unit, Oscillator, Video Monitor, Camera, Flux Recovery unit... making flexible and custom-made welding application of the Welding Manipulator:

Various function elements equipped onto Wuxi JACK Welding Column and Boom: (Fig.5/6/7)

  Fig5 Welding Column and Boom

3.       Classification on LHZ series Welding Column and Boom:

There are several variations with LHZ series Column and Boom Automatic Welding Equipment, to specifically meet customer requirement:

1)      Based on motion of the integral set of the Welding Manipulator, it has 2 broad categories of Fixed Base and Moving Trolley;

2)      Based on upright column revolve style, Welding Column and Boom has 2 broad categories of Fixed Column (No Revolving) and Revolving Column;

3)      For Column Revolving type Welding Manipulator, the Welding Column and Boom can be further divided into manual revolving and electric motorized revolving (Motor drive);

4)      Based on valid stroke of boom, this Column and Boom Automatic Welding Equipment has 3 broad branches of Light duty, Medium duty and Heavy duty;

5)      Besides, the Welding Manipulator can be grouped in terms of its welding modes: SAW (Submerged Arc Welding), MIG, MAG, CO2, Strip Cladding, etc.

6)      For specific configuration of the Welding Column and Boom, all the above-mentioned options (Base moving/ Column revolve/ Loading capacity) can be made permutation and combination, to form up specific product. For example, Medium duty Fixed base Column Electric Revolve Welding Manipulator, etc.;

7)      We will give introduction on each of specific model on product type of LHZ Column and Boom Automatic Welding Equipment. The only exception is fixed column Welding Manipulator: Due to its rare use in practical, we only introduce this kind of product as general one;

8)      Due to wider and more application of Welding Center in various forms, we give introduction on three specific Welding Center at the end of this product family on LHZ series Welding Column and Boom.

4.       Welding Manipulator (Welding Column and Boom) Standard Models and Brief Parameters:

Welding Manipulator

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