LHZ Fixed Column Cross Slide Welding Manipulator for Tank Welding
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LHZ Fixed Column Cross Slide Welding Manipulator for Tank Welding


From this section we go into the special-made product of LHZ cross slide welding column & boom. The first product is fixed column (non-revolve) cross slide column boom for welding.

In view of structure and configuration, this column boom does not have specialty. Or, it should be viewed as a standard type of cross slide weld manipulating equipment. However, due to its relative rare use in practical condition, this product is attributed as a special species of efficient column & boom for welding.

   1. The reason there is comparatively little selection of non-revolving welding manipulator is:

    1) Column revolving cross slide column boom has additional degree of freedom compared with non-revolving


    2) Hence, column revolving weld manipulating equipment has maximum reach around its surroundings (Full

      around), and can have welding on all the workpieces surrounding it, which is benefit for production flexibility

      and improving productivity;

    3) This is the reason column revolving high efficiency column & boom accounts for over 90% application in 


    2.  Comparatively, the circumstance for using of fixed-column cross slide welding column & boom is (Not confined to):

    1) In laboratory or testing site for new product introduction, where there is little demand on productivity;

    2) Working site where there is very cramped space for revolving;

    3) Dedicated workstation or workpiece, when there is no need for changeover;

    4) Usually seen at light duty, or called small type, and non-traveling, or called stationary column & boom;

    5) For non-revolving and non-traveling cross slide column boom, need to consider proposal on feed-in and

        send-out of workpiece.

    3.  Same Point and Difference of fixed-column welding manipulator compared with revolving type:

     1) Same Point: It has same basic structure and main units as revolving cross slide column boom: Column, 

        Boom, Base/ Trolley, Drive& Transmission unit, Welding unit (Please check the former 12 standard products of

        LHC Column Revolving Weld Manipulator);

      2) Difference: The most salient distinction is its connection between column and base at bottom: Instead of by

        means of slewing support (Or, cross roll bearing) for revolving weld manipulating equipment, the column is 

        installed onto its base with a circle of bolts. Please check attached picture;

      3) As mentioned earlier in this section, this fixed-column cross slide column boom is seldomly used in mass 

         production site, but rather lab and or NPI occasion;

    4.  Category of fixed-column welding manipulator:

      1)  Except non-revolve of its column, this series of accurate weld manipulator has all the options as column

          revolving type, in terms of structure, configuration, and welding mode;

      2) From perspective of moving capability, it can be either travelling (trolley), or stationary (fixed-base) cross 

          slide welding column & boom;

      3) From perspective of loading capacity, it can be light duty, medium duty and heavy duty;

      4) From perspective of welding manner, it can be weld manipulator with submerged arc welding, weld

         manipulator with CO2 welding, weld manipulator with strip cladding, and for polishing, painting, narrow-gap 

         welding, etc.;

       5) From perspective of application, it can be either worked as an individual weld manipulating equipment, or

           working with positioner/ rotator/ other equipment to form into welding center;

       6) From perspective of optional units, it can be equipped with seam tracing unit, video monitor, oscillator, etc.;

       7) From perspective of custom made, it can be either standard and basic, or tailor-Made.


In All, we welcome on render service for your demand on revolving and fixed type Cross Slide Welding Column & boom.


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