Fixed Type High Speed Steel Hydraulic 180° Flipping Equipment
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Fixed Type High Speed Steel Hydraulic 180° Flipping Equipment


There are two types of 180° steel structure overturning rack: stationary and moving type. In this section we explore the stationary type 180° steel structure flipping rack.


1.     Purpose:

1)      In H Beam production line, the 180° Steel Structure Flipping Equipment is deployed later than 60° and 90° steel structure overturning equipment, at the position following completion of H Beam submerged arc welding;

2)      For stationary 180° hydraulic overturning rack, moving unit need to equipped for workpiece conveying;

3)      The Application of 180° Hydraulic Flipping Equipment is:

a)       For one piece of H Beam, there are 4 seams joining web and flange which need to be welded;

b)      In a set of H Beam production line, there are 4 sets of column type H Beam submerged arc welding machine. One set for one seam welding;

c)       Each time with the completion of one seam welding, this 180° hydraulic flipping rack flips the workpiece either 90° or 180°, and send the workpiece to next set of LHC for next round of seam welding, until completion of all 4 seams;

d)      The welded H Beam is overturned 90° with this 180° flipping equipment for next station of H Beam straightening.


2.     Main Components:

1)      For the 180° hydraulic overturning equipment shown in the picture, there are 6 sets of turning units in one set of the equipment;

2)      Each of the turning unit is composed of complete set of L arm, revolving shaft, mounting bed, hydraulic station and cylinder;

3)      For this 180° overturning rack, the middle 4 sets of its turning units rotate synchronously under hydraulic drive, with the flipping in-phase precision ≦3°, and stopping in-phase precision ≦1°;

4)      The lateral 2 sets of turning units overturn individually, serving as assistant supporting unit during welding process;

5)      Encoder is introduced in this 180° steel structure flipping rack for detecting and identifying its L arm flipping angle.

3.     Workpiece Specification:

The H Beam that can be flipped with this 180° steel structure overturning rack:

1)      H Beam Width:                200 ~ 500 mm

2)      H Beam Height:               300 ~ 1000 mm

3)      H Beam Length:               3000 ~ 12000 mm

4)      H Beam Flange Max. Thickness:  60 mm

5)      H Beam Web Max. Thickness:    40 mm

6)      H Beam Max. Weight:           10 Ton 

4.     Equipment Parameters:

This 180° Steel Structure Flipping Equipment has main specifications of:

Rated   Overturning Capacity (6 Units/ Set)

10   Ton

Min.   Cross Section of Workpiece for Overturning

200   x 300 mm

Max.   Cross Section of Workpiece for Overturning

500   x 1000 mm

Length   of Workpiece for Overturning

3   ~ 12 m

Time   Taken for 90° Flipping

Less   than 1 min.

Hydraulic   System Rated Pressure

12   MPa

Hydraulic   Pump Station Power

11   kW

Height   of Flipping Level

800   mm


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