High Productivity Column Lifting Style Chain Type Flipping Equipment
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High Productivity Column Lifting Style Chain Type Flipping Equipment


With this Column Lifting style Chain type Overturning machine we wrap up introduction on product group of steel structure flipping equipment.


1.     Machine Usage:

1)      This chain overturning machine is for the purpose of flipping long structure members to the required angle during its transportation for next station of processing;

2)      It is flip angle adjustable.

2.     Structure and Operation:

1)      The two most conspicuous characteristics of this chain turnover machine:

a)       It is installed at both sides of conveyor, and worked in the process of workpiece sending. Or, in other words, chain manipulators are deployed alongside workpiece conveyor;

b)      Its columns are telescopic style--- Chains of this chain turnover equipment are arranged in closed loop encircling its columns, making the columns working as both holding unit and manipulating arms of the chain overturning equipment;

2)      For one set of such chain type overturning equipment, there are 4 pieces of telescopic columns working in 2 pairs;

3)      Before flipped, the workpiece lies on the conveyor; The columns retract to its bottom position, and roller chains drops beneath;

4)      For flipping the workpiece, and with the start of this chain type turnover machine, its 4 columns rise up synchronously, lifting workpiece off the conveyor;

5)      Meanwhile, roller chains of this chain type turnover equipment begin to revolve, leading the workpiece into flipping;

6)      Until the workpiece is turned to its target orientation, rollers chains stop revolving, and the 4 telescopic columns retract and lower down to its bottom position, making the workpiece back to conveyor again;

7)      Ascending and descending of the 4 columns in this chain type flipping equipment is hydraulic drive;

8)      Revolving of the roller chains in chain manipulator is motor reducer drive, which can be made in both directions of forward and reverse;

9)      Control of this chain type overturning machine is integrated with that of conveyor, with control board sitting alongside the conveyor, which is convenient and easy to operate;

10)   As core units of the machine, rollers chains are of high strength and high toughness style, making high productivity of the machine;

11)   Design and structure of this chain overturning machine boost high safety, reliable and stable operation.  

3.     Technical Parameters:

For this durable automatic Chain type Overturning machine:

Rated   Flipping Capacity (for 4 sets of Columns Working Together)

3   Ton

Cross   Section Size of Workpiece

150x150   ~ 800 x 800 mm

Max.   Length of Workpiece

Flexible,   depends on conveyor length and on-site columns installation

Distance   between the 2 pairs of Columns


Column   Rising Up Drive

Hydraulic   Oil Cylinder

Max.   Hydraulic System Pressure

12   MPa

Flipping   Linear Velocity

3000   mm/min.

Flipping   Motor Power

1.2   kW x 2



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