High Strength Wear Resistance Chain Type Flipping Equipment for Section Steel
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High Strength Wear Resistance Chain Type Flipping Equipment for Section Steel


The High Strength Wear Resistance Chain type Flipping Machine of this section is the sibling product of the previous one of Chain Flipping machine.


1.     Equipment Application:

1)      This chain turnover equipment is composed of 2 sets of chain manipulators, which work in unite, for overturning structure members of square or general square cross section shape;

2)      The chain turnover machine adopts with high strength and high intensity roller chains as its manipulating element, which can flip workpiece in both CW and CCW directions and stop the workpiece at any required angle, for optimum ergonomics welding position.


2.     Operating Process:

1)      When there is no workpiece in the chain flipping equipment, its rocking arms will expand outward in certain degree under the pressure of heavy counterweights, leaving enough space for workpiece loading in;

2)      To start the work of this chain type flipping equipment, hoist workpiece onto its roller chains;

3)      Start on motor reducer, the roller chains begin to revolve, leading workpiece into flipping;

4)      When the workpiece is overturned to target angle, stop running of the chain overturning machine by shutting off its motor reducers;

5)      The motor reducers will be locked by itself, making the workpiece stop at this target position securely without issues of skidding, slippage, etc., fully guaranteeing safety of operator and their job;

6)      By this time, the workpiece can be welded in automatic or manual way;

7)      For excessive heavy weight of workpieces, this chain type overturning equipment can be supplemented with workpiece supporting racks, giving double assurance on high safety and stable operation of the machine;

8)      At the time the workpiece is hoisted off the chain overturning equipment, rocking arms of the machine will expand automatically to its outside, leaving room for convenience of workpiece unloading;

9)      The 2 sets of chain manipulators have good synchronization during its work;

10)   Operating panel on the control board of this chain flipping machine has power indicating lamp and power on/ off button, as well as function switches of FOR/ RVR, Emergency STOP, etc.


3.     Supply Range:

One set of high productivity automatic Chain Turnover machine is composed of:

1)      Two sets of chain manipulators, include inversed “U” shape machine body, rocking arms with its revolving shafts, roller chains;

2)      Two sets of motor reducers;

3)      Control system;

4)      Technical documents


4.     Technical Parameters:

For this Flip angle adjustable High Speed Automatic Chain type Flipping machine:

Rated   Flipping Capacity (for 2 sets of Chain Manipulator Working Together)

10   Ton

Max.   Cross Section Size of Workpiece

900   x 900 mm

Max.   Length of Workpiece

9   m

Distance   between the 2 sets of Chain Manipulator (Adjustable)

5   m

Flipping   Linear Velocity

3000   mm/min.

Flipping   Motor Power

1.5   kW x 2


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