Stable Operation Durable Integral Lifting Style Chain Type Flipping Equipment
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Stable Operation Durable Integral Lifting Style Chain Type Flipping Equipment


The Integral Lifting style Chain type Flipping Equipment is a specialized product we designed and produced for a famous Construction Machinery Company, their facility in China.


1.     Product Usage and Operation:

This chain turnover machine is an assistant unit for structure members welding operation, especially long workpiece, which is not applicable to be fixed and manipulated with welding positioner. To be specific:

1)      The long workpiece is put onto a fixed welding fixture for work;

2)      With one side welding completion, the workpiece needs to be flipped certain degree to change its orientation;

3)      This chain flipping machine helps to make the overturning process with the merits of high safety and high productivity;

4)      The detailed working procedure of the chain type flipping machine is:

a)       The workpiece is lifted up;

b)      The workpiece is flipped to any target angle;

c)       The workpiece is lowered down for next step of welding.


2.     Structure and Performance:

1)      This chain flipping equipment is combination of scissors elevator and chain manipulator;

2)      The scissors elevator at its bottom forms base bed of this chain type overturning equipment, which is driven with 2 sets of hydraulic oil cylinders and raises up workpiece;

3)      The chain manipulator at its top forms worktable of this chain overturning equipment. Its chain revolve is driven with motor reducer, which leads workpiece into flipping;

4)      Hydraulic drive elevation of the scissors elevator has vertical stroke of 900mm;

5)      Motor reducer drive flipping of the workpiece has infinite scope of forward and backward of any required angle at will;

6)      This high strength chain type overturning machine has flexible installation, flip angle adjustable overturning process and stable operation.


3.     Technical Parameters:

For this automatic durable Integral Lifting style Chain Overturning machine:

Max.   Loading Capacity of Flipping

1   Ton

Max.   Loading Capacity of Scissors Elevator

2   Ton

Max.   Cross Section Size of Workpiece

500   x 500mm

Workpiece   Flipping Velocity

1.2   rpm

Scissors   Elevator Vertical Stroke

900   mm

Scissors   Elevator Vertical Speed

2200   mm/min.

Scissors   Elevator Driving Mode

Independent   Hydraulic Pump Station

Chain   Manipulator Driving Mode

Motor   Reducer

Operation   of Chain type Flipping Equipment

Remote   Control, three colors lamp



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