Flip Angle Adjustable Hydraulic 60° Flipping Equipment for Steel Structure
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Flip Angle Adjustable Hydraulic 60° Flipping Equipment for Steel Structure


As its name suggests, the 60° flipping equipment is for flipping the steel structure within the range of 0°~60°.


1.     Product Usage:

1)      In the process of H Beam production, after H Beam assembly and tack welding, the next step is 45° submerged arc welding. The 60° overturning rack is for this purpose: That after workpiece sending in, it flips the workpiece to 45° and holding the workpiece for welding;

2)      This flipping rack is a kind of auxiliary overturning equipment for H Beam production, in the mode of 3 sets working together. It is mainly used for flipping and then supporting for H Beam 45° submerged arc welding;

3)      After welding, H Beam is overturned into “H” position for transportation;

4)      This 60° steel structure overturning rack has advantages of high efficiency, accurate positioning and reliable work.

2.     Performance and Characteristic:

1)      This steel structure flipping equipment is mainly composed of frame, L rack, synchronous connecting rod, hydraulic oil cylinder, etc.;

2)      There are 3 pieces of L racks in each group of the 60° flipping equipment, which are driven with 3 sets of oil cylinders and synchronous connecting rod, and overturn synchronously;

3)      Overturning angle of this steel structure flipping rack can be set or adjusted at will via limit switch;

4)      There is graduated scale for display flipping angle of the 60° overturning rack.

3.     Range of Supply:

The 60° steel structure overturning equipment includes main frame, overturning oil cylinder, L rack, overturning bearing bed, synchronous connecting rod, oil pipe and hydraulic pump station.

4.     Technical Parameters:

Overturning Angle

0 ~ 60°

Overturning Loading Capacity

20Ton /Group

Hydraulic System Pressure




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