Heavy Duty Wear Resistance Plate Chain Type Steel Conveyor
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Heavy Duty Wear Resistance Plate Chain Type Steel Conveyor


The hydraulic Plate Chain type Conveyor, is a kind of conveyor in plate chain style for sending steel structure members among workstations.


1.     Product Application:

1)      In steel structure facilities, especially H Beam production line, workpiece is necessary to be transferred among parallel stations. For example, between the 2 sets of H Beam submerged arc welding machines;

2)      The hydraulic plate chain type steel conveyor is for this usage.


2.     Structure and Performance:

1)      As can be checked from attached picture, the hydraulic plate chain conveyor has the main body of horizontal supporting rack, with a row of plate link chain running in revolving inside it;

2)      One set of such plate chain type H Beam conveyor has 2 sets of the abovementioned supporting racks working in pair, for holding and conveying the workpiece forward;

3)      During work, first the 2 sets of supporting racks are lowered down to its bottom position, and accept the workpiece from the first machine;

4)      Then, under the action of hydraulic cylinders which are fit at terminal of the supporting racks, the 2 sets of supporting racks rise up to the same height level of the second machine;

5)      Meanwhile, driven with motor reducer, the plate link chains of this plate chain type steel structure conveyor run in full round, sending the workpiece forward to the target position of the second machine;

6)      Upon the workpiece reaches at its destination, the 2 sets of supporting racks of this plate chain type section steel conveyor lower down, and wait for the next round of operation;

7)      The plate link chain of this hydraulic plate chain type conveyor has high intensity, which is durable and wear resistance;

8)      The whole set of automatic hydraulic plate chain conveyor for steel structure has stable performance and good adaptability, which is high effectively and easy to operate.


3.     Technical Parameters:

Applicable for this Plate Chain type Steel Conveyor:

Max.   Loading Capacity

10   Ton

Cross   Section Size of Workpiece

150x150   mm ~ 1200x1200 mm

Conveyor   Sending Speed

3   m/min.

Max.   Hydraulic System Pressure

16   MPa


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