Process Technology of BOX Beam Production Line
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Process Technology of BOX Beam Production Line

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Process Technology of BOX Beam Production Line

   1.     Overview:

This article will have an explore on process technology of BOX Beam production, its challenge and solution, as well as our strength;

2.     Definition:

BOX Beam: BOX Beam refers to large size and heavy duty steel structure members that used as raw materials of constructing on high rise building and large stadium. It has cross section size of 300x300mm ~ 1200x1200mm, or up to 1500x1500mm, in the length of 3m ~ 12m, or up to 15m. With more and more high-rise buildings and large stadiums constructed world wide, BOX Beam and its BOX Beam Production Line sees extensive application in steel structure industry globally.

3.     Process Technology of BOX Beam production and its challenge:

Let’s start up from the topic of specialty of BOX Beam first.

1)  Characteristic of BOX Beam as raw material for high rise building:

i.           BOX Beam and H Beam are the two most often used raw materials in steel structure industry;

ii.           H Beam is generally used in construction of relative low buildings, such as facility workshop, exhibition center, etc.; It is basically applied as beam in horizontal position. So, bearing capacityis critical index for H Beam;

iii.           Comparatively, BOX Beam is generally used in construction of relative high buildings, such as high-rise buildings, large stadium, etc. It is basically applied as column in vertical position. For this reason, pressure resistance is critical index for BOX Beam;

2)     Major steps of BOX Beam production line:

For BOX Beam production, usually it needs to go thru below major steps of:

i.           Plate cut;

ii.           Internal Baffle assembly and tack welding;

iii.           U Beam, BOX Beam assembly and tack welding;

iv.           BOX Beam welding: Gas Shielded CO2 Back welding;

v.           BOX Beam welding: Nozzle consumable or wire electrode Electroslag welding;

vi.           BOX Beam welding: Tandem Arc or Triple Arc Submerged Arc welding;

vii.           BOX Beam end facing

3)     Difficult points of BOX Beam manufacture:

So, what is the difficulty, challenge and hidden risk in the process of BOX Beam production?

i.           BOX Beam has closed structure. With the assembly of cover plate, it is impossible to access internal joints of the cover plate with internal baffles;

ii.           So, BOX Beam assembly and tack welding can not be fulfilled in real sense;

iii.           For this reason, electroslag welding is introduced. For traditional electroslag welding, the procedure is first cut hole then welding. But, because it is performed in an enclosed structure workpiece, cutting fluid can not be discharged, which has great negative effect on welding quality;

iv.           The BOX Beam is a kind of large and heavy workpiece (Max. weight is 20Ton for single piece). So, smooth and stable transport among stations of BOX Beam Production machine in BOX Beam production line without impact is very important;

v.           The BOX Beam production in a BOX Beam production line involves 20~ 30 specific steps and 10 ~ 20 BOX Beam Production equipment intermingled with around 10 manual stations. How to deploy all these BOX Beam Manufacture machines into a fluent and high efficiency BOX Beam Production Line, and coordinating them into unified and coordinated working pace (TAKT), is the real test on capability of BOX Beam production line customers and manufacturers.

4)     Our Solution and Strength:

       i.           For final step of BOX Beam assembly, cover plate with internal baffles, we adopt with updated electroslag welding in vertical perpendicular position. It is on the basis of years of accumulation and validation, with two options of nozzle consumables and wire electrode;

      ii.           For the cut holes of preparation on electroslag welding, we advance the operation to the station of baffle plate assembly, making sure the later on high quality electroslag welding and hence perfect effect of BOX Beam Assembly;

     iii.           For conveying the cumbersome BOX Beam among BOX Beam Production machines in BOX Beam Production Line, we give the conventional 180° flipping rack the function of traveling: Install wheels beneath the rack and have it motor-driven. In this way, it gains sufficient buffer in the process of overturning and transportation, guaranteeing steadily conveying of the BOX Beam with much less impact;

    iv.           As to process flow of the BOX Beam Manufacture Line, based on our years of experience, feedback from customers, and strong technical strength, we develop and validate it fully considering assistant work sequence in the process of BOX Beam production, making sure all the steps from baffle plates assembly and tack welding, to cut holes for arc striking plate and riser of electroslag welding, to back welding, to nozzle consumable or wire electrode, to welding seam inspection, all deployed in the one-piece flow of BOX Beam Production Line, without the use of traveling crane;

5)     BOX Beam production machines:

For detailed introduction on these BOX Beam Manufacture equipment, please check the introduction on production section of BOX Beam production line. Below is the list of these BOX Beam Production machines:

i.           Automatic BOX Beam Production Line with Electroslag and SAW Welding;

ii.           GZ12 High Precision Internal Baffle Assembly and Welding machine;

iii.           GZ15 High Efficiency Baffle Plate Assembly and Welding machine;

iv.           UBZ12 U Beam and Box Beam Assembly and Welding machine;

v.           YF1220 High Power Automatic 180° Hydraulic Flipping Rack;

vi.           XQ12 Cantilever type Gas Shielded CO2 Back Welding machine;

vii.           XD12 Cantilever type Consumable Nozzle Electroslag Welding machine;

viii.           XD15 Overhanging Beam Consumable Nozzle Electroslag Welding machine;

ix.           XSD12 Cantilever type Wire Electrode Electroslag Welding machine;

x.           LHE12 Gantry type BOX Beam Submerged Arc Welding machine;

     xi.LHC12 Cantilever type BOX Beam Submerged Arc Welding machine

4.     Summary:

With years of development and hard work, the BOX Beam Production Line is our mature and advanced product, and have gained high approval and word of mouth from customers both in China and around the globe.


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