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H Beam Production Line with SAW Welder is the most extensive used equipment in steel structure industry. It is the indispensable equipment for all the facilities constructing steel structure.


This production line is used for making welding H Beam, or I Beam, depending on local customary nomination across the countries. So, it can also be called I Beam production line.


As is well known in the industry, H Beam/ I Beam is the basic raw material in steel structure construction, and it falls into two broad categories of hot-rolled and welding type. The latter of welding H Beam has larger size of usually 1500mm ~1800mm Web width by 200mm ~ 800mm Flange Height in the length of 4m ~ 12m.


There are several varieties in H Beam Production Equipment. It can be either in the form of automatic or semi-automatic production line, or individual machines. Customer can choose the H Beam manufacture equipment in the most suitable fashion based on their practical condition.


The product introduction on H Beam Manufacture Line is divided into 5 product categories of:


1) H Beam Production Line;

2) H Beam Assembly Machine;  

3) H Beam Submerged Arc Welding Machine;  

4) H Beam Straightening Machine

5) Steel Structure Flipping Equipment (The auxiliary units of H Beam Flipping and Transport Equipment)


H Beam Welding Production line with SAW Welder produces welding H Beam in the form of automatic or semi-automatic manufacture line.


Depending on its automation degree, this series of H Beam Welding Production Equipment can be classified into 2 types:

1) Fully Automatic H Beam Welding Manufacture Line, equipped with auxiliary flipping and transport unit --- It features in high automation and smooth running, with least operators involved;

2) Semi-Automatic H Beam Welding Manufacture Line, composed of main equipment of Assembly/ Submerged Arc Weld / Straightening --- It features in flexible and compact layout, with relative lower investment.


The H Beam Welding Manufacture Equipment of Assembly/ Submerged Arc Weld / Straightening/ Flipping& Transport unit can also work as individual machine, which will be introduced in its corresponding product type.


This section of product introduction will give explanation on welding H Beam Production Line with saw welder for below workpiece specification, in the manner of both automatic and semi-Automatic:


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