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  • Q What is relationship between Wuxi JACK Technology Co., Ltd and Wuxi AMASS Machinery Co., Ltd?

    A Wuxi JACK was established in the beginning of 2009 specializing in design& manufacture. Wuxi AMASS is the company specializing in selling JACK products and other involved products overseas.
  • Q What is your service term?

    A 1) We have 1 year warranty free of charge for all our products from the date acceptance of products by customer;
    2) We keep on giving our customer best service at expiry of warranty period with
    best price;
    3) We provide our customer spare parts with best price;
    4) Upon receiving information from customer, our response time is within 2 hours for
    Chinese mainland customers, and within 1 Day the longest (depending on time zone)
    for overseas clients;
    5) We give service covering installation, commissioning and training for our products;
    6) We give consult to our customers on all technical issues involved
  • Q Do you have overseas branch or selling office?

    A Currently no. But we do have long term partner of over 10 years at Russia and central Asia where we have very broad customer base. (They are local companies who distribute and help serving our products)
    To have any inquiry on our products, please use contact way listed above. We will give you feedback within 24hours upon receiving inquiry from you.
  • Q Do you have price list of your products?

    A Because our products are Engineering to Order type, we do not have price list at present. For detailed information of our products, you can go to PRODUCTS of this website to view; And you can download from DOWNLOAD under INFORMATION of this website.
    Should you have any request on our products, please contact us at your convenience. 
  • Q What is the service scope of your company (Products, its application and business mode)?

    A Design& Manufacture& Sell (Including After-Sale Service) of below Machine& Equipment:
    Metal Plate/Pipe/Beam Weld/Cut/Machining equipment;

        H Beam Assembly Welding Straightening Integral Machine;
        Plate Butt Joining Machine;
        Beam End Face Milling Machine;
        H Beam Production Line (Including Assembly Machine, Gantry type Submerged Arc Welding Machine, Straightening Machine, Steel Conveyor);
        CNC Pipe Intersection Cutting Machine;
        CNC/Strip Plate Flame/Plasma Cutting Machine;
        BOX Beam Production Line (Including Assembly Machine), Electro Slag Welding Machine, Submerged Arc Welding Machine, Beam End Face Milling Machine);
        T Beam Production Line (Including Assembly Machine, Submerged Arc Welding Machine/ CO2 Welding Machine);
        Welding Turning Roll;
        Welding Manipulator;
        Welding Positioner;
        Various Specialized Welding Machine

    These equipment are widely used in industry of steel structure, ship building, bridge building, pressure vessel, petrochemical, etc.
  • Q What are the payment terms of your products?

    A For Chinese mainland customers, we accept payment with transfer accounts in RMB;
    For Overseas customers, we accept payment in T/T and or L/C at sight in USD; Direct settlement between Euro and RMB.
  • Q How to contact with you?

    A You can get us by official e-mail: support@wxjack.com ; sell@wxjack.com 
    Google& YouTube account: Betty20210224@gmail.com;
          Mobile &WeChat& Facebook: 86 15852755799; 13621515089
          QQ: 3214565680
         Tel: 86-510-83297829
  • Q Where can I find information on your company & products?

    A This website (www.wxjack.com) is the only official link to our company in internet.
    Also, you are warmly welcome to visit our company on site to below address:
    No.2nd YangDong Road, YangShi Town, HuiShan District, Wuxi City, JiangSu Province, China
  • Q What is the latest development on welding of pipe/tank/vessel/structure member?

    A Turning roll/ Positioner/ Manipulator is the most common type of welding equipment for pipe/tank/vessel/structure member. These 3 kinds of equipment can be used individually, or integrally as welding center. With years of development, these products have very mature technology and sees trend of homogenization.
    On the other hand, there is no end to meet customer requirement and chase technology advancement. With years of explore, we are not only very good at manufacturing standard products of welding equipment, but also combining optional unit such as Robot control/ Welding seam tracer, etc. to have flexible application.
    Meanwhile, we also design and produce series of special purpose welding equipment, the list includes these products but not limited to: Hobbing Cutter/ Rolling boring machine/ Roller Strap Cladding machine/ Internal Longitudinal Welding machine of large Pipe Tank Tube/ Longitudinal Seam Welding machine/ Pipe Tube Flange Welding machine/ Small Flange Welding Equipment/ Cylinder Body Circumferential Welding Equipment, etc.
  • Q Why guaranteeing machining stability/precision is a great challenge on heavy-duty Beam end facing machine?

    A  Beam end facing machine is for milling end face of beam in steel structure and ship building industry. Same as plate edge milling machine, for best milling quality& efficiency, we improved machine design to better level: Different from the general used milling head of 5.5kW and welded rail in industry, we adopt milling head of 7.5kW/11kW and high-precision ball bearing linear guideway, making milling process more efficient and good quality, while maintain the same level of machine price.
    At the same time, we have superior technology in design and manufacture heavy-duty end facing machine. Same as high rise building, increase in size& loading capacity for facing machine poses great challenge to machine manufacturer, and we overcome the difficulty thanks to our rich experience and advanced technology.
    In 2011, we designed and made the ever largest end facing machine of DX4080 (for beam cross section size up to 4*8m) successfully for a domestic ship-building customer and had very positive feedback from them.
  • Q How to make plate edge milling process more efficient, precise and flexible?

    A Plate edge milling machine is commonly used equipment in steel structure and ship building industry. Its usage is to mill plate edge into various size and/or type of bevel/chamfer for the ease of following operation (for example, welding).

    Due to its wide application, improving milling precision& efficiency is critical target of machine manufacturer. For this purpose, we improved machine design to better level: Different from the general used milling head of 5.5kW and welded rail in industry, we adopt milling head of 7.5kW and high-precision ball bearing linear guideway, making edge milling process more efficient and better quality, while maintain the same level of machine price as other machine manufacturers.

    Our plate edge milling machine takes leading position in terms of performance in market, and gained word of mouth from customers.

  • Q What is the difference among flame/plasma/laser cutting and how to choose from them?

    A  Plate cutting is the basic operation in nearly all aspect of industry involves metal plate. In general, there are 3 kinds of cutting machine in terms of cutting way: Flame/ Plasma and Laser.

    -Flame cutting is the earliest technology, appliable for cutting thick carbon steel(up to 100mm thickness)with relative slow speed (1m/min.) and low precision. Also, it is the most cost-effective way to cut plate into strips. Machine investment& operating cost is low;
    -Plasma cutting was developed following flame cutting. It is suitable for cutting medium thickness (3 ~40mm) plate of carbon steel/stainless steel/brass in medium speed (2~ 6m/min.) with good precision. Machine investment is medium. Operating cost is higher than flame cutting because of consumable consumption;
    -Laser cutting is the latest developed technology over the last 10~20 years. It is suitable for cutting thin metal plate (1~6mm) in high speed (6~10m/min.) with high precision. Machine investment is much higher than that of flame cutting and plasma cutting. Operating cost is at same level with plasma cutting;
    -To cut plate into finished product of required shape& size, majority of cutting machine is equipped with CNC and nesting software.
    We have 20years of experience in design and manufacture flame & plasma &laser cutting machine.
  • Q Why is H Beam Assembly Weld Straightening Integral machine so popular in market?

    A 1)H Beam Assembly& Tack Weld machine;
    2)H Beam Submerged Arc Weld machine;
    3)H Beam Straightening machine.
    4)Besides, transport units such as conveyor/steel cart is necessary to carry H Beam among the 3 machines.
    Comparatively, H Beam Assembly Weld Straightening Integral machine integrates function of the above-mentioned 3 machines into 1 machine, and removing transport unit accordingly. Price of this machine is only half of the 3 machines, let alone investment on transport unit. In this sense, our customer can increase productivity and reduce investment on equipment & work site greatly with this machine.

    In 2009, we are the first company upgrading this machine from concept design to practical stage. Ever since, it gained popular recognition among customers both domestic and abroad.

  • Q What is the advantage of plate butt joining machine over traditional plate joining process?

    A  Traditional plate joining process is like this:
    1)Weld one side of joint of the 2 plates first;
    2)Flip the 2 half-finished joint plates;
    3)Perform carbon gorging on inverse side of joint;
    4)Weld inverse side of joint
    Plate joining machine makes the above-mentioned 4 steps into 1 step thanks to large current melt-thru technology. And, because of water-cooling copper pads at the inverse side of the plates, welding seam formed at the inverse side also has good finish. The machine improves plate joining process quality& efficiency greatly.

    We developed this new machine in 2016 and gained patent in 2017. The machine is very much welcomed not only in domestic, but also overseas market such as Russia, Central Asia, Vietnam, India, etc.


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