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  • Q What is the strength of your company?

    1. Wuxi JACK was founded by 3 senior engineers in the year of 2008;
    2. Engineering team of our company has over 20 years experience on Welding and Cutting industry;
    3. Operation manager has 14 years experience working in an American Fortune Global 500 Dow Jones Industrial Index Company as senior Project Manager;
    4. The competitive edge of our company is special design products based on customer demand.

  • Q What is the nature of your company?

    A Business scope of Wuxi JACK and AMASS covers design, production and selling: 
    Welding Equipment, Steel Structure Production Line and Machine, CNC Cutting Machine, etc.;

  • Q What is the range of your company product?

    A Wuxi JACK and AMASS is a professional supplier in Welding and Cutting Industry;
    Main products of our company include:

    1. Steel structure production equipment (H Beam/ BOX Beam/ T Beam);
    2. Edge Milling Machine;
    3. Structure member Beam end face milling machine;
    4. CNC Plate Cutting Machine;
    5. CNC Pipe Cutting Machine;
    6. Various kinds of conventional and special design welding equipment and machine;
    7. Various kinds of conventional and special design Straightening machine, etc.;

  • Q Where can I find information on your company & products?

    A This website (www.wxjack.com) is the only official link to our company in internet.
    Also, you are warmly welcome to visit our company on site to below address:
    No.2nd YangDong Road, YangShi Town, HuiShan District, Wuxi City, JiangSu Province, China
  • Q What is your service term?

    A 1) We have 1 year warranty free of charge for all our products from the date acceptance of products by customer;
    2) We keep on giving our customer best service at expiry of warranty period with
    best price;
    3) We provide our customer spare parts with best price;
    4) Upon receiving information from customer, our response time is within 2 hours for
    Chinese mainland customers, and within 1 Day the longest (depending on time zone)
    for overseas clients;
    5) We give service covering installation, commissioning and training for our products;
    6) We give consult to our customers on all technical issues involved
  • Q What are service terms of your company?

    1. During business negation:
    • Make technical proposal and quotation;
    • Answering customer questions;
    • Make final contract and technical agreement    
    • 2. During order to delivery value chain:
    • Design, validate, and manufacture products for customers;
    • Inform progress of manufacture to customers;
    • Arrangement for package and shipment of products to customers;
    • 3. After sale service:
    • Technical support on installation and commissioning at customer site;
    • 1 year guarantee from the date of acceptance;
    • Feedback any technical issues within 4 hours upon getting the notice;

  • Q What is the service scope of your company (Products, its application and business mode)?

    A Design, Manufacture and Sell (Including After Sale Service) on below Machine and Equipment:
    Metal Plate/Pipe/Beam Weld/Cut/Machining equipment;

        H Beam Assembly Welding Straightening Integral Machine;
        Plate Butt Joining Machine;
        Beam End Face Milling Machine;
        H Beam Production Line (Including Assembly Machine, Gantry type Submerged Arc Welding Machine, Straightening Machine, Steel Conveyor);
        CNC Pipe Intersection Cutting Machine;
        CNC/Strip Plate Flame/Plasma Cutting Machine;
        BOX Beam Production Line (Including Assembly Machine), Electro Slag Welding Machine, Submerged Arc Welding Machine, Beam End Face Milling Machine);
        T Beam Production Line (Including Assembly Machine, Submerged Arc Welding Machine/ CO2 Welding Machine);
        Welding Turning Roll;
        Welding Manipulator;
        Welding Positioner;
        Various Specialized Welding Machine

    These equipment are widely used in industry of steel structure, ship building, bridge building, pressure vessel, petrochemical, etc.
  • Q What are the payment terms of your products?

    A For Chinese mainland customers, we accept payment with transfer accounts in RMB;
    For Overseas customers, we accept payment in T/T and or L/C at sight in USD; Direct settlement between Euro and RMB.
  • Q Do you have price list of your products?

    A Because our products are Engineering to Order type, we do not have price list at present. For detailed information of our products, you can go to PRODUCTS of this website to view; And you can download from DOWNLOAD under INFORMATION of this website.
    Should you have any request on our products, please contact us at your convenience. 
  • Q How to contact with you?

    A You can get us by official e-mail: support@wxjack.com ; sell@wxjack.com 
    Google& YouTube account: Betty20210224@gmail.com;
          Mobile &WeChat& Facebook: 86 15852755799; 13621515089
          QQ: 3214565680
         Tel: 86-510-83297829
  • Q Do you have overseas branch or selling office?

    A Currently no. But we do have long term partner of over 10 years at Russia and central Asia where we have very broad customer base. (They are local companies who distribute and help serving our products)
    To have any inquiry on our products, please use contact way listed above. We will give you feedback within 24hours upon receiving inquiry from you.
  • Q Where is location of your company?

    A Wuxi city, Jiangsu province, 130km from Shanghai

  • Q What is relationship between Wuxi JACK Technology Co., Ltd and Wuxi AMASS Machinery Co., Ltd?

    A Wuxi AMASS and Wuxi JACK are the same company: Wuxi AMASS is wholly owned subsidiary of Wuxi JACK, for overseas trading Wuxi JACK products;

  • Q Why is H Beam Assembly Weld Straightening Integral machine so popular in market?

    A 1)H Beam Assembly& Tack Weld machine;
    2)H Beam Submerged Arc Weld machine;
    3)H Beam Straightening machine.
    4)Besides, transport units such as conveyor/steel cart is necessary to carry H Beam among the 3 machines.
    Comparatively, H Beam Assembly Weld Straightening Integral machine integrates function of the above-mentioned 3 machines into 1 machine, and removing transport unit accordingly. Price of this machine is only half of the 3 machines, let alone investment on transport unit. In this sense, our customer can increase productivity and reduce investment on equipment & work site greatly with this machine.

    In 2009, we are the first company upgrading this machine from concept design to practical stage. Ever since, it gained popular recognition among customers both domestic and abroad.

  • Q What is standard on distinguishing medium duty and heavy duty welding H Beam for H Beam Fabrication Machine?

    A There is no explicit definition and distinction between medium and heavy duty H Beam in Steel Structure industry. In common practice, 12mm height welding seam is the threshold for distinguishing heavy and medium duty H Beam;
    H Beam Fabrication Machine can complete 12mm welding toe on finished H Beam with single time welding pass; For heavier duty workpieces with 12mm plus welding seam, H Beam Gantry Welding Machine should be used.  

  • Q What is market distribution on PHJ and ZHJ series H Beam Assembly Weld Straighten Integral Machine?

    A Based on Wuxi JACK years of tracing and statistics, majority of Chinese customers select ZHJ series H Beam Fabrication Machine, which focuses on fabricating welding H Beam with equal length flange extension; While PHJ series H Beam Assembly Weld Straighten Integral Machine sees more application in Overseas market, which has ability of producing both equal and different flange extension of welding H Beam.

  • Q What is Business Application Current Status and Prospect of 3 in 1 H Beam Fabrication Machine?

    A Benefitting from its huge benefit and profit for customers, H Beam Fabrication Machine has gradually taken mainstream position in Steel Structure industry. Especially for making light to medium duty welding T Beam and H Beam, H Beam Assembly Weld Straighten Integral Machine fully takes position of H Beam Production Line.

  • Q What is classification on Wuxi JACK Edge Milling Machine?

    A Wuxi JACK designs and produces full range of high standard Edge Milling Machine: Double heads long stroke, single head short stroke, advanced configuration, standard type, custom-made type, etc. Which we will have in detail introduction in the corresponding web pages

  • Q What are merits of Edge Milling Machine, compared with last generation Planning Machine?

    A Compared with traditional Planning Machine, Edge Milling Machine has the same level of machining precision and chamfering speed, but much lower machine quotation and running cost.

  • Q What is relationship between Edge Milling Machine, Flame CNC Cutting Machine, and Hobbing Cutter Shearing Machine?

    A These 3 types of machines are all used for make welding groove on edges of sheet metal plate. In other words, make beveling. Of which, End Milling Machine has the largest applicating volume, because it has wide range of applicable size for workpieces, and high precision, high production efficiency; The Hobbing Cutter Shearing Machine focuses on small size workpiece; And CNC Flame Cutting Machine has the bottom running cost, but produces relative rougher cutting kerf, which need to be trimmed;


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