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The CNC Strip Plate Cutting machine is applicable for cutting metal plate of various material, including carbon steel/stainless steel/ Al /Al Alloy/brass, etc.  

1.     We provide optimum cutting solution based on customer requirement in CNC Plate Cutting machine:

1)     Based on cutting way, the CNC Plate Cutting machine has category of:

a)       CNC Flame Cutting machine with flame plate cutting (For medium speed cutting medium thickness and thick plate)

b)      CNC Plasma Cutting machine with plasma plate cutting (For high speed cutting thin and medium thickness plate);

c)       CNC Plate Cutting and Drilling machine with cutting and drilling (For cutting and drilling hole in metal plate);

d)      Plate Triple Cutting machine with triple plate cutting (For edge beveling with flame cutting, this is the counterpart of Edge Milling Machine in product group of CNC Strip Plate Cutting machine);

e)       Plate Strip Cutting machine with strip plate cutting (For cutting plate into slits of various width with Oxyacetylene);

2)     Based on frame type, the CNC Strip Plate Cutting machine has categories of:

a)       Gantry Moving(the most common) CNC Strip Plate Cutting machine;

b)      Table type CNC Plasma Cutting machine;

c)       Under Water CNC Plasma Cutting machine;

3)     Based on finished good, the CNC Cutting machine has categories of:

a)       CNC Plate Cutting machine (for cutting specific contour in metal plate by means of numerical control technology);

b)      Plate Strip Cutting machine (For cutting slit);

c)       CNC Strip Plate Cutting machine (CNC Plate Cutting machine and Plate Strip Cutting machine combined into one equipment);

d)      CNC Plate Cutting and Drilling machine (Cutting and Drilling function integrated together);

4)     In these CNC Cutting machine, series of options including Auto Ignition/ Capacitance and Arc voltage Torch vertical regulator / Cutting Software makes flame plate cutting and plasma plate cutting process flexible and efficient, appliable for various application.

2. Specialties of CNC Strip Plate Cutting machine:

1)       All the structure members of the CNC Strip Plate Cutting machine are de-stressed thru anneal, guaranteeing machine frame strength;

2)       Double drive of the CNC Plate Cutting machine gantry beam makes stable cutting process;

3)       Linear guideway makes smooth movement of the above-mentioned gantry moving in CNC Cutting machine;

4)       Main components of the CNC Strip Plate Cutting machine are top end outsourcing parts such as Germany precision reducer, digital servo system, linear guideway, etc.;

5)       Plasma power supply of various specification is available based on plate thickness for CNC Plasma Cutting machine;

6)       Cutting parameters such as cutting speed/ thickness are automatic control;

7)       In CNC Plate Cutting machine, contour of CNC cutting finished product is manipulated with software;

8)       Torch vertical regulator on CNC Strip Plate Cutting machine makes cutting plate of fluctuated surface reliable and easy: Capacitance type for CNC Flame Cutting machine, and arc voltage type for CNC Plasma Cutting machine.

3.Put into Use of Flame and Plasma CNC Plate Cutting machine:

These CNC Strip Plate Cutting machine of various sizes and constitutes are not only used as individual equipment, but also the first equipment for the purpose of flame plate cutting in steel structure production lines and other production lines, includingH Beam Production line, BOX Beam production line, etc.

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