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DX- series H Beam End Face Milling Machine is superior product of our company. The product is one of the best-selling ones both in Chinese mainland and overseas market.


This H Beam End Facing machine is for milling end face of steel structure members such as H beam, BOX beam and or any other kinds of workpiece. So, it also has the name of Beam End Face Milling machine, or Beam End Facing machine.


Below are technical specialties of this DX- series H Beam End Face Milling Machine:

   1) One of the most salient advantage of our H Beam Facing machine is, full range of this product family

      are adopted with integral linear guideway for milling head travel, instead of welding guideway adopted

      by competitors. This configuration fully guarantees loading capacity and milling accuracy of the 


   2) Equipped with milling unit made by professional manufacturer, milling speed of both horizontal and

      vertical direction can be controlled with inverter for this H Beam End Milling machine;

   3) To mill end-face of work-piece, angle of milling unit can be adjusted manually along its vertical surface;

   4) H Beam End Face Milling Machine has optional hydraulic-driven work-piece rack, for clamping work-

       piece reliably, dampening milling vibration and lessening noise greatly;

   5) H Beam End Face Milling Machine has ordinary-type and CNC-type for customers to choose from; Of 

       which ordinary-type can mill all the standard bevels of Y/X/K/U, and CNC-type can mill special and 

       custom-made bevels;

   6) Besides product of standard size, we also have strong capability in designing and making special 

      specification of H Beam End Face Milling Machine, especially large size and heavy-duty ones;

    7) Common sizes of H Beam End Facing machine ranges from DX10xx to DX40xx. Sizes larger than 

      DX40xx pose great challenge to suppliers in terms of designing and producing. This is where our 

      strength lies in--- We have strong capability and rich experience to develop heavy-duty and large 

     scale Beam End Face Milling machine for customers;

     8) The range of standard models of this DX- series H Beam End Face Milling Machine (Or called I Beam

        End Face Milling machine in some markets)produced by us include but not confined to Ordinary type

       DX1010/ DX1015/ DX1215/ DX1520/ DX1540/ DX2060/ DX3030/ DX3040/ DX3050/ DX4060/ DX4080/

      DX6080 and CNC type, which we will give detailed introduction on each of the model in product 


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