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A. Usage of J Series Stiffening Plate Straightening Machine:

1)      J series Stiffened Plate Straightening Machine, the other name is Ribbed Plate Straightening Machine, is used for straightening welded Ribbed Plate Element/ Stiffeners Plate Element, which are important working parts for producing Large Section Beam. These Large Section Beam are extensively applied in Industries of Port Machinery, Hoist Crane, and or Large Scale Bridge;

2)      A piece of stiffener plate being straightened from Wuxi JACK J series Stiffener Plate Straightening Machine: (Fig.1)

Fig1 Reinforced Angle Stiffener Plate Straightening Machine IMG_20210911_154858

B. Brief on Application of J Series Stiffening Plate Straightening Machine:

1.       Why Customer Need J series Ribbed Plate Straightening Machine?

1)      In the process of large section beam manufacture, the Rib Plate/ Stiffener Plate usually grow deformed along its end plate after being welded, which should be straightened with heavy force Stiffening Plate Straightening Machine, for the purpose of getting stress relief and keeping sufficient strength;

Stiffener Plate Straightening Operation in Wuxi JACK J28 Stiffened Plate Straightening Machine: (Fig.2)

Fig2 Stiffened Plate Straightening Machine 13

2)      The J series Rib Plate Straightening Machine is developed by Wuxi JACK for this purpose. It can be worked as an equipment in Large Section Beam Production Line, working together with other equipment such as Edge Rounding Machine, and Edge Milling Machine; Or operated as individual equipment of Stiffened Plate Straightening Machine.

2.       Definition on Ribbed Plate/Rib Plate/ Stiffener Plate Being Processed in J series Stiffened Plate Straightening Machine:

1)      The plate welded with one to three or more pieces of Stiffener/Rib, which are applied as raw materials for making Large Section Box Beam, which in turn is used for manufacturing Port Machinery or Hoisting Machinery, or Bridge Construction; 

Workpieces for J series Stiffened Plate Straightening Machine: (Fig.3)

Fig3 Ribbed Plate Straightening Machine 23

2)      The standard width of workpieces (Rib Plate/ Stiffener Plate) processed in this Stiffener Plate Straightening Machine have length up to 3,000 mm, which can meet majority of practical application.

3.       Straightening Units in J Series Ribbed Plate Straightening Machine:

Central function section of 3 Straightening Rollers in Wuxi JACK Stiffening Plate Straightening Machine: (Fig.4)

Fig4 Stiffener Plate Straightening Machine 31

1) Straightening Unit Quantity: Shown in the above photo, the straightening units in J series Stiffening Plate Straightening Machine has one to three groups of straightening rollers. Of which each group consists of 2 pairs of up downward moving straightening roller, and 1 piece of bottom stationary straightening roller;

2)      Such design of straightening unit structure in the J series Stiffened Plate Straightening Machine can meet practical application at customer site.

4.       Model of J Series Stiffening Plate Straightening Machine:

1)  Conventional Models:    Based on max. thickness range of end plate of workpiece, the J series Rib Plate Straightening Machine can be classified as J16, J20 and J28 (For straightening Rib Plate/ Stiffener Plate with its end plate thickness of up to 20mm and 28mm respectively);

2)      In this product section of J series (Including J20 and J28) Stiffened Plate Straightening Machine, we will give introduction on all the standard models of the product;

3)      Meanwhile, besides standard models of these machine, we can also design and produce tailor made Ribbed Plate Straightening Machine based on customer demand.

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