J-series Heavy Duty Stiffener Plate Element Straightening Machine
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J-series Heavy Duty Stiffener Plate Element Straightening Machine


Up to know we understand on this J-series    Stiffener Plate element Straightening machine in view of its Usage& Workpiece/ Constructure/ Main units/ Working way/ Hydraulic system/ Operation/ Parameters.

We got to know this is a heavy duty equipment for processing heavy duty, or large scale workpiece. “Heavy duty” means strong and solid components of this Ribbed Plate element Straightening machine covering all units of mechanical, hydraulic and electric. Besides, for operation of such heavy duty machine, safety is always a critical factor to consider. In this section we will have a discussion on these two aspects (Heavy duty and Security) of this Rib Plate element Straightening machine.


    1. Heavy Construction of J-series Stiffener Plate Straightening machine:

    1) Strength of Machine body:

    a) This Rib plate straightening equipment has the main body style of gantry& platform integrated frame, which

      has the highest degree of rigidity;

   b) The machine body is made from welding structure members of Q235/ Q345/ 45# carbon steel/ Manganese 


   c) Shear stress/ Bending stress of critical loading sections are strictly managed; No butt- welding of plates/ No

       stress happened at welding seam;

   2) Motor Reducer Driving:

   a) For this Stiffener Plate Straightening equipment, revolve of the bottom straightening rollers are driven with 

     motor reducer of high power and large torque, which drives revolve of the bottom rollers and hence travel of 


   b) The driving torque of motor reducer is sufficiently large that even for the unevenness surface of the 

     workpiece, the skidding of the workpiece will not do harm to reducer;

   3) Hydraulic cylinders:

   a) As we introduced in the 3rd product section of “J28 Stiffener Plate Element Straightening equipment”, oil

      cylinders of its hydraulic system are large ones of high pressure, with the specialties of big output force/ 

      Tight sealing without leakage even after long term use;

   b) The bi-directional interlock guarantees sufficient pushing force of the cylinders;

    2. Safety Assurance of J-series Ribbed Plate Straightening machine:

   1) Design of the machine fully conforms to Chinese national standard of JB5226.2《Safety Standard on 

      Mechanical Machinery and Electric units》and GB4064《Guideline on Security of Electric units》;

   2) Limit switches and rubber hard stops are installed on transverse movement of top straightening rollers;

   3) Hydraulic oil pump station has the function of safety precaution against overload;

   4) For maintenance and service of this Ribbed plate straightening equipment, it is necessary for personnel to 

     climb up the overhead platform thru staircase. The making of guardrail and staircase avoid sharp angle of 90°,

     in the form of rounded 45° instead;

   5) Electric control system has protection against overvoltage/ overcurrent/ undervoltage/ undercurrent in its 

      driving section;

   6) Emergency STOP button on remote panel of this Rib Plate Straightening machine as the last resort on safety

      assurance of the machine.


   3. Parameters of J-Series Heavy duty Stiffener Plate Element Straightening machine:






Workpiece Width

1000 ~ 3000mm

Straightening Thickness

8~ 20mm

8~ 28mm

Quantity of Straightening   unit

Three sets

Top Straightening Roller Transverse   Stroke


Min. Span of Top   Straightening Roller


Range of Interval of   Stiffeners


Surface Height of Input   and Output Conveyor


Hydraulic System Rated   Pressure

25 MPa

Max. Pressure of Solitary   Straightening unit

30 Ton

Specification of Bottom Straightening   Roller

High Pressure Oil   Cylinder D125/d70-S200

Straightening Speed


Vertical Stroke of   Supporting Rollers


Straightening Roller   Motor Power

15.0 kW

Hydraulic Station Power

5.5 kW

Positioning and Detection   of Transverse Movement of Straightening Rollers

Zero Position set with   Proximity switch;

Detected with encoder

Electricity Power   Specification

3P AC380V 50Hz (for   Chinese market)



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