Heavy Duty Automatic Pipe Tack Welding Machine for Oil Gas Pipeline
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Heavy Duty Automatic Pipe Tack Welding Machine for Oil Gas Pipeline


The heavy duty Pipe Tack Welding machine is the second equipment in production line of large diameter longitudinal welding pipe for Oil Gas Pipeline application. Considering the max. length of large pipe workpiece to be tack welded is up to 30m, the general view of the equipment can only be taken as a small far view as attached.


   1.     Production of Oil Gas Pipeline:

    1)     Background: The demand on Oil and gas pipeline originated from the late 20th century. In the eve of new millennium, the year of 2000, the project of West to East Gas Transmission in China called for huge demand on production of large diameter longitudinal welding pipe with submerged arc welding;

    2)      The machines involved in this production line are listed in the previous product section of “Heavy duty Plate Moving type Edge Milling machine”, please check;

    3)      The finished product of large diameter pipe of this production line has specification of diameter range 500~ 1200mm, thickness 12 ~25mm, and length 20~ 30m;

    4)      Of which the large Pipe Tack Welding machine of this section sits at middle of the production line, it is for final form of the large pipe.


   2.     Working Process of Heavy duty Pipe Welding machine:

   1)      This equipment is at intermediate stage of Large diameter longitudinal welding pipe production line;

   2)      With the plate edge milled with heavy duty edge milling machine, pre bent into curve shape with pre bending machine, and bent into a rough round shape with large tonnage press brake, there leaves gap of around 100mm width which need to be bridged for the final forming of the pipe;

   3)      For pipe tack welding process, there are two options: One is by manual job; The other is automatic CO2 welding. The Pipe Tack Welding machine of this section adopts with the second mode;

   4)      The attached picture shows final forming and tack welding process happened in this large pipe tack welding equipment:

   5)      At the front end of the lengthways machine body is working unit of the machine: An enclosed structure fixture which is composed of several pressing heads for squeezing the gap vanished and into closed seam;

   6)      At the same time, a set of gas shielded CO2 tack welding torch at overhead position, performs tack welding on the seam generated from the bridged gap;

   7)      The workpiece of large pipe is laid on the lengthways machine body and sent forward;

   8)      Meanwhile, the front end of the pipe is got pressed and tack welded as the above mentioned;

   9)      With the forward going of the whole length of the pipe, pipe tack welding process is made with this heavy duty Pipe Tack Welding machine.


    3.     Parameters of Heavy duty Pipe Tack Welding machine:


Technical   parameter

Heavy duty PTW

Max. Pipe Length

30 m

Pipe Diameter

500 ~ 1200 mm

Pipe Thickness

12 ∼ 25 mm

Pipe Tack   Welding Way

Automatic CO2 Gas Shielded

Pipe Tack   Welding Speed

500∼6000mm/min.   (VFD, Inverter Control)


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