HJ-series Hydraulic High Precision Lengthways H Beam Straightening Machine
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HJ-series Hydraulic High Precision Lengthways H Beam Straightening Machine


  1. Overview

     HJ-series hydraulic lengthways H Beam straightening machine is for straightening H Beam deform along its

    lengthways direction, instead of flange.

   There are some specialties with this lengthways H Beam straighten equipment, including:

  1) It is a different branch product group from the previous section of HYJ/YTJ/WJ series under the major 

     category of H Beam straightening machine;

  2) The sole common point with HYJ/YTJ/WJ series is its workpiece: the welding H Beam after submerged arc


  3) Workpiece of this machine is not confined to welding H Beam. BOX beam, and other structure members can

     also be straightened along its length direction with this equipment. From this perspective, the equipment has 

     another name of Lengthways Structural Member Straightening Machine, or Lengthways Section Steel 

    Straightening Machine;

  4) This product group of HJ-series lengthways H Beam straighten machine is hydraulic drive;

  5) There are 4 models of standard product with this machine, which classifies the equipment in terms of hydraulic


     300Ton/ 200Ton/100Ton/20Ton--- For example, HJ300 Automatic Lengthways H Beam Straightening Machine

    refers to straightening force of 300Ton


  2. Working Principle

To have illustration on straightening principle of this HJ-series lengthways H Beam straightening equipment, please check the hand-made draft and picture as below:

2- Vertical View

24- Straightening principle

  1) The hand-made draft is a vertical view on straightening process;

  2) The picture is a lateral view;

  3) The execution unit on straightening process is Point 3, a pressing unit driven with hydraulic oil cylinder;

  4) Point 1 and Point 2 are forced units, and the distance between the 2 points can be adjusted based size and 

     deflection condition of H Beam;

  5) With the three points stressed, this segment of the H Beam is straightened;

  6) The whole length of the H Beam is straightened in this way segment by segment. It is not continuous 

     straightening process. So, there is no parameter of “Straightening Speed” with this hydraulic lengthways H

     Beam straightening equipment.


  3. Rule of Thumb

     As a statement,

   1) When we developed this series of lengthways I Beam straightening machine years ago, it was designed on the

       aspect of how much tonnage it can deliver to the straightened H Beam for each model;

   2) This is why this series of machine does not have the model intuitive on applicable H Beam size; (Same as the

       ASM-series Angle Steel Straightening machine, for detail please check the corresponding product section of

       the website);

   3) Because, in essence, it is more like a press machine;

   4) To help customers find the most applicable model for their needs, we have rule of thumb on rough range of H

       Beam size matching with each model of this hydraulic lengthways H Beam straighten machine. It is just for

       reference, to help customer locate rough range of the machine. For specific condition including steel grade of

       H Beam, flection of H Beam, etc.… these should be examined further in detail more precisely for each


For the empirical data on correspondence between tonnage of this series of hydraulic Lengthways I Beam Straightening Equipment and suitable size of H Beam, please check next section of HJ300 hydraulic automatic lengthways I Beam straighten equipment.


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