WJ-series Horizontal Hydraulic High Efficiency Automated H Beam Straightening Machine
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WJ-series Horizontal Hydraulic High Efficiency Automated H Beam Straightening Machine


Compared with the previous introduced product family of HYJ & YTJ mechanical and hydraulic automated H Beam straightening equipment, this WJ-series has common point and difference listed as below:

  I.  Common point:

  1) Use:

     -  Same as HYJ & YTJ, WJ-series is also used for straightening deform of flange after SAW welding;

  2) Working Principle:

    -  WJ-series hydraulic automated H Beam straightening machine also utilizes T cavity formed by the 3 

       straightening rollers as in HYJ& YTJ to straighten the deformed flange;

  3) Straightening unit:

    - Straightening rollers of WJ-series hydraulic automated H Beam straightening equipment are same as HYJ&

       YTJ, in terms of material, heat treatment, hardness and service life;

  4) Straightening Power Source:

    - Same as YTJ, this WJ-series hydraulic automated I Beam straighten equipment is also hydraulic driven for 

       straightening the flange.

  II. Difference:

  1) Workpiece position during Straightening:

     - The most conspicuous distinction with HYJ&YTJ is position of H Beam during working:


      This is the reason the machine is named as Horizontal Hydraulic Automated H Beam Straightening machine;

  2) Working Unit:

    -  Such kind of H Beam position allows for 2 T-cavities arranged at both sides flanges;

  3) Productivity:

    - Which means, with the similar straightening speed of 6m/min. of HYJ& YTJ-series, these WJ- equipment can

     straighten 2 flanges at the same, doubling productivity of straightening process;

    - This is the reason this group of products is named as High Efficiency Hydraulic Automated H Beam Straighten


  4) Workpiece Size:

    - This machine is for straightening H Beam of small& medium size, not the large and heavy-duty ones that can

      be straightened with YTJ-60/80 hydraulic automated H Beam straighten equipment;

    - For the H Beam size straightened with WJ-series, and comparison with YTJ-series, please check introduction on

      next product of WJ-25;

  5) Machine structure:

    - There are 2 pairs of straightening rollers (3 pieces of straightening roller each pair) equipped with 1 set of WJ-

      25/40 hydraulic automated H Beam straighten machine;

   - And 2 sets of corresponding drive and transmission units;

   - As introduced, in HYJ&YTJ these are all 1 pair of straightening roller and 1 set of drive and transmission unit

     with one machine;

  6) Machine price:

     - 1 set of WJ25 is about 60% higher than that of YTJ40;

     - The reason lies in the above-mentioned 2 sets of straightening units(Including straightening rollers and

        transmission unit) compared with 1 set in HYJ&YTJ, and hence higher output rate;

  7) Usage Proportion:

    - On the other hand, as explained in the previous section of HYJ&YTJ, straightening process is not bottleneck of

      welding H Beam production on the aspect of manufacture velocity;

    - HYJ&YTJ already has throughput higher than that of H Beam assembly, tack weld and submerged arc welding.

       Which means it can catch up TAKT of welding H Beam production;

   -  This is another reason (together with its H Beam size) this WJ-series horizontal automated I Beam straightening

      machine (same name as H Beam) takes minority (About 10%) of application on H Beam straightening after 

      SAW welding.


For the detailed specification and structure of this WJ-series, please next product of WJ-25 and WJ-40 hydraulic automated H Beam straighten equipment.




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