Heavy Duty Double Table Top Lifting And Rotation Large Welding Positioner
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Heavy Duty Double Table Top Lifting And Rotation Large Welding Positioner


This large heavy duty lifting and rotation welding positioner is the “jumbo” of this product family of welding equipment. For loading capacity of 10Ton and above, the equipment should be classified as heavy duty.


Sharing the same structure and control principle as light and medium duty, with the increasement in loading capacity, several special points are significant for these heavy duty lifting and revolving welding positioners:

   1) Running stability:

     - Under max. loading, fluctuation on revolving speed is within ±5%;

     -The three control axis (revolve/rotation/elevation) do not exhibit shake phenomenon even under max. loading;

    2) Structure:

      The equipment structure, if designed properly, should be like this: For the whole set of this heavy duty lift and

      revolve welding positioner, In the process the workpiece is fit on the pallet and the beam revolves, the gravity

      center of revolve should be approach, or, in best condition, coincide with the revolve axis of beam. In this way,

      it can reduce revolving torque in great extent. It is a critical factor on heavy-duty welding positioner.

    3) Large size workpiece

     - Large heavy duty welding positioner usually involves large size of workpiece. Should consider whether there is

       potential risk of interference between workpiece and floor surface when the workpiece is revolved to its 

       bottom position. This is the reason for heavy duty elevating and rotation welding positioner, it is not 

       uncommon the have a pit dig right beneath the beam and workpiece;

     - Another is for circumferential welding, that rotation speed of workpiece should be calculated based on its

       rotating radius and required welding speed. And check whether this rotation speed is within the range of its


    4) Welding operating process

      - Welding job performed with this large lifting and revolving welding positioner is usually in the height of high

        level. Supplementary units should be used to raise height of operator. For example, climbing ladder of proper

        size and structure, or electric elevating platform, etc.;

      - Workpiece welded with this heavy duty elevate and rotate welding positioner is usually of big dimension and

       heavy weight. Its loading& securing on the pallet is very important and should be taken with great care. Bolts,

       reliable clamps and jigs are used for securing the workpiece during welding.


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