Z20 Manual Alignment H Beam Assembly Machine with Automatic Tack Welding
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Z20 Manual Alignment H Beam Assembly Machine with Automatic Tack Welding


Z20 is the largest of its kind in terms of manual alignment I Beam Assembling Machine (Same as H Beam Assembling) with automatic CO2 tack welding.


In this section we will have an introduction on the other option of power supply, Japan brand Panasonic, of KR350 model. As mentioned in the previous Z18, majority of overseas client choose this one when they purchase the automatic I Beam Assembling and Tack Welding machine.

 Panasonic KR350

  1) Embed Remote control

      Integrate remote control box onto wire feeder. By means of upgraded control circuit, the control cable is

      diminished from original 2 pieces to 1 piece. This makes easy and convenient manoeuvre of cable, and less

     risk of cable break;

 KR350 Wire feeder

  2) High degree of dependability

     - Insulation grade: H; Main transformer and coil of electric reactor adopt with DuPont Nomex, which has 

       advantages of good dust-proof and high-temperature proof;

    - Enclosure protection level is IP21S. There is physical isolation between main circuit and control circuit of 

       welding power source. Thus avoid interference of main circuit on control circuit, guaranteeing good protection

      performance on the aspect of moisture resistance and Anti dripping, making the power source the capability of

      reliable working at harsh environment. Such as that of the Z15/Z18/Z20 I Beam Assembling and Tack Welding


     - Exclusive patent technology further boosts safety and reliability of the power source

  3) Excellent Welding Process Technology

    - The dedicated control circuit can meet the requirement on welding arc dynamic characteristics of CO2/MAG

      short circuit transition and jet transition, boasts little spatter, during the work of Z15/Z18/Z20 I Beam 

      Assembling machine with Tack Weld;

   - The unique arc striking circuit guarantees 100% success of arc striking under all kinds of working condition, 

     adaptable for working on various welding equipment, such as Z15/Z18/Z20 Automatic I Beam Assembling and

    Tack Weld Machine;

  4) Modulation Unification

     When making adjusting on current with knob, the matching voltage can be got at the same time; And inching 

    adjustment on voltage is also available;

  5) User-friendly Operation

     - Compatible with both flux wire and solid wire --- In the case of Z15/Z18/Z20 automatic I Beam Assembling

       machine with Tack Welding, it is flux wire;

     - Energy saving controller;

     - The magnetic contactor will act 6~7 min. at the completion of welding, cutting off idle input of welding

       source, and thus reduce idle input loss;

     - Compensate for network voltage fluctuation—This is very useful on workshop of automated I Beam

       Assembling machine;

   6) Protection mechanism and Easy-to-Use function, good expansibility

    - Protection against Overheat/ Under voltage/ Overcurrent/Lightening;

    - Adjustable reburning time;

    - Switch between Available/Not Available on sending gas ahead of time;

    - Current detection terminals for connecting with peripheral units


Same as HUAYUAN NB350,

    - Output current is max. 350A, adjustable within the range of 40~350A;

    - Start of the welding power can be either on the welding power itself, or with the button on operating pendant 

      of the I Beam Assembling and Tack Weld machine.

In general, this Panasonic KR350 has been equipped onto Z15/Z18/Z20 Automatic I Beam Assembling machine for over 20years.


Below are specifications of this Z20 Manual Alignment High Precision I Beam Assembling Machine with automatic CO2 Tack welding:


Z20 Manual Alignment with Automatic Tack Welding

Max. H Beam Web Width (mm)


H Beam Web Thickness (mm)


H Beam Flange Width (mm)


H Beam Flange Thickness (mm)


H Beam Length (mm)


Max. H Beam Weight

20   Ton.

Web and Flange Alignment Style

 Manual Alignment

Tack Welding Style

Automatic   CO2 tack welding

PLC and Inverter brand

Japan   Mitsubishi

CO2 Welding machine Brand and model

Chinese   HUAYUAN NB-350HD, or

Japan   Panasonic KR350



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