UBZ12 U Beam And Box Beam Assembly And Welding Machine
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UBZ12 U Beam And Box Beam Assembly And Welding Machine


The second critical step in BOX Beam production is its assembly and tack weld. The UBZ12 Box Beam Assembly and Welding machine is for this purpose.


   1. Usage and Working Steps:

   1) Appearance of this Box Beam Assembly machine see attached picture. It is for assembly and tack weld of

      plates and baffle plates into U Beam first and then BOX Beam;

   2) During work, raw materials (Plates and Internal Baffles) are put onto the worktable which is equipped with

     segments of conveyors;

   3) The moving gantry of this Box Beam Assembling machine travels along the rail;

   4) At the same time with gantry traveling, the downward stroke cylinder and sideward stroke cylinders installed

    on the gantry press webs and flanges of the workpiece tightly into shape, and implement tack weld on the 

   assembled sections simultaneously;

   5) By way of gantry traveling, the whole length of the workpiece is pressed and tack welded. The finished WIP

    (Work in process) of assembled BOX Beam is sent away from this Box Beam Assembly equipment, and to the 

    next step of back welding or electroslag welding;

   6) The illustration on the process flow of assembly and tack welding happened in this Box Beam Assembling and

    Welding machine see attached picture: First, tack weld internal baffles; Second, assemble 2 pieces of web; Third,

     manually weld internal baffles; Fourth and finally, the last piece of flange assembled and tack welded.

   2. Structure:

  1) The UBZ12 U Beam and Box Beam Assembly and Welding machine, is mainly composed of traveling gantry, 

      worktable and its conveyor, hydraulic system, electric control system;

   2) Of which, the traveling gantry is the main and core unit of the machine. All the pressing units (Oil cylinders) for

     performing tack weld are installed here. Traveling of the gantry is driven with two sets of motor transmitted 

     with worm gear reducer;

   3) Rails of this U Beam Box Beam Assembly machine is of 38kg/m heavy duty. Meanwhile, there is high strength

     pulling rod connected between the two parallel rails, avoiding the phenomenon of outer splay of the rails under

     the effect of left and right oil cylinders, thus in turn guaranteeing assembly quality of this U Beam and 

    Box Beam Assembly machine;

    4) The conveyor is driven with cycloidal gear reducer and transmitted with chain & sprocket. It is for the task of 

     assisting assembly and tack welding process, as well as sending the workpiece to the next station at the 

     completion of current machine operation;

    5) The finished product (Assembled and tack welded BOX) produced with this Box Beam Assembly and Welding

       equipment please check attached picture.

   3. Parameters and Specification:

    Below are parameters of this U Beam Box Beam Assembly and Welding machine, and specification of the 

    workpiece it produces:

Workpiece Size


Workpiece Length


Max. Loading Capacity

20 Ton

Gantry Travel Speed

4 m/ min.

Hydraulic Pressure

14 MPa

Max. pressure of Sideward Stroke   cylinders

15 Ton

Max. pressure of Downward Stroke cylinder

30 Ton

Max. Stroke of Sideward cylinders

800 mm

Max. Stroke of Downward cylinders

900 mm

Oil Pump Motor

11 kW


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