YF1220 High Power Automatic 180° Hydraulic Flipping Rack
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YF1220 High Power Automatic 180° Hydraulic Flipping Rack


The 180° Flipping Rack is for turning and transporting workpiece of various stages in the process of BOX Beam production.


    1. Equipment Use:

    1) As can be seen from the detailed process technology specified in the first product of this product group”

     BOX Beam Production Line”, the 180° Flipping Rack plays important roles in fluent process flow of BOX Beam

     production. It appears seven times in one time flow of a piece of BOX Beam delivery;

    2) Such kind of Overturning Rack is not confined to BOX Beam output. It is also an indispensable unit in the 

     automatic welding H Beam production line. In other words, this automatic Flipping Rack is a kind of general 

     purpose equipment, which is widely used in nearly all production lines of heavy duty steel structures, for 

     conveying large size workpieces among working stations, relieving operators of such burdensome and tedious


    3) To make sure its sufficient loading capacity, this Overturn Rack is hydraulic drive. The corresponding tilting

     range is 180°. Any target angle within this range can be met with this hydraulic Flipping Rack;

    4) There are 2 sets of such traveling type 180° automatic Overturning Rack in each group. In this specific BOX

     Beam production line, it is for flipping single side welded workpiece for opposite side welding, or to next 

     station for following up jobs;

    5) During work, driven with two sets of oil cylinders, the two arms of this hydraulic Overturning Rack rotate, 

     turning the assembled and tack welded workpiece to the middle of conveyor or work table, for the next step 

     of operation;

    6) This hydraulic Overturn Rack is fit with motor reducer and travelling wheels, making it additional function 

     of moving.


   2. Parameters and Specifications:

    Below are technical parameters of YF1220 Automatic Overturn Rack:

Loading Capacity

20 Ton

Power of Travel motor reducer

1.5 kW

Travel Speed

5m/ min.

Diameter of Flipping Drive Cylinder


Max. Hydraulic Pressure

16 MPa

Rail Center Distance

700 mm (Distance between groups is determined on   the basis of workpiece length or technology requirement)

Overturning Range



    3. Range of Supply:

     The YF1220 hydraulic 180° Flipping Rack mainly consists of:

    1) Mechanical units of frame and base;

    2) Flipping arms;

    3) Flipping drive oil cylinders;

    4) Flipping bearing pedestal;

    5) Traveling wheels;

    6) Hydraulic pump station and its oil tubes;

    7) Control system


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