XD12 Cantilever Type Consumable Nozzle Electroslag Welding Machine
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XD12 Cantilever Type Consumable Nozzle Electroslag Welding Machine


The second step of welding following CO2 back welding is electroslag welding, which is implemented with the Electroslag Welding machine.

In this BOX Beam production line, we have two kinds of Electroslag Welder for choice, one is Consumable Electroslag Welding machine, which will be introduced in this and next product sections; The other one is wire electrode type Electroslag Welding equipment, which will be introduced following the consumable nozzle type.


   1. Product Usage:

   1) From introduction of the 4th product of BOX Beam production line, the “BOX Beam Assembly and Welding

    machine”, we got to know that with the final assembling step of cover plate onto the BOX Beam, it is difficult,

    or impossible to weld internal baffles with the cover plate;

   2) To realize the fully welding and fusion of these baffle plates with the cover plate and hence get a perfect 

     assembling effect, it is necessary to have electroslag welding on the assembled and backing welded BOX Beam;

   3) Consequently, the XD12 Consumable Nozzle Electroslag Welding machine is for this purpose;

   2. Comparison between Consumable Nozzle type and Wire Electrode type machine:

   1) As its name implies, the consumable nozzle Electroslag Welding equipment have its nozzle melted and 

     consumed in the process of electroslag welding. For this reason, compared with wire electrode type 

     equipment, the consumable nozzle Electroslag Welding machine has higher running cost compared with that 

    of the wire electrode type;

    2) On the other hand, quotation of the Consumable Electroslag Welding equipment is 30%~ 40% lower than 

    that of the wire electrode type, with the simpler operation and relative lower failure rate at the same time than

    that of wire electrode type equipment;

   3) These two factors contribute to the wider application of Nozzle Consumable Electroslag Weld machine than 

     Wire Electrode type Electroslag Weld machine currently in the industry;

   3. Working Manner:

   1) In the process of BOX Beam assembly, the clearance for later on vertical perpendicular electroslag welding 

      is reserved ahead of time;

   2) After assembling and back welding of the BOX Beam, it is sent to the station of Electroslag Welding machine.

     And with the vertical perpendicular electroslag welding power supply installed on the overhanging beam of 

    the machine, the vertical perpendicular electroslag welding operation is performed into the reserved hole of 

    workpiece. Please check attached picture;

   3) The cantilever type, or overhanging beam of the Electroslag Welder travels along its rail, fulfilling the 

     electroslag welding along the entire length of BOX Beam;

   4) or structure and performance of the equipment, we will have introduction in the next section of 

     XD12 Consumable Electroslag Welding machine;

   4. Main Parameters:

Workpiece Size


Workpiece Length


Trolley Rail Span

1000 mm

Trolley Travel Speed

6 m/ min.

Trolley Travel Motor Power

0.55 kW



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