XSD12 Cantilever Type Wire Electrode Electroslag Welding Machine
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XSD12 Cantilever Type Wire Electrode Electroslag Welding Machine


The XSD12 Wire Electrode Electroslag Welding machine implements the other kind of electroslag welding on Box Beam workpiece, different from nozzle consumable type.


We have compared the wire electrode with nozzle consumable in the production section of XD12 Electroslag Welding machine. In a nutshell, from wire electrode electroslag welding perspective, such machine has lower running cost compared with nozzle consumable type, because its nozzle will not be consumed in the process of welding; But higher machine quotation (30~ 40% higher) and relative complicated operation.


    1. Machine Usage:

   1) Same as XD-series nozzle consumable type, the XSD12 wire electrode Electroslag Welder is also for the

     purpose of welding cover plate with internal baffles, to have the thorough confusion of BOX Beam plates and 

    eligible assembly quality;

   2) For this target, two or four holes are prepared during baffle plates assembly;

   3) At the completion of BOX Beam assembly, tack welding and back welding, it is sent to this station of Non

     Consumable Electroslag Welding machine (Here Non Consumable has the same meaning as wire electrode);

   4) Manipulated with inching adjustment unit, the water-cooled fuse tube (Welding tip) descends in vertical 

     perpendicular direction to the position of welding seam, and carries out electroslag welding;

   5) On the carriage of this wire electrode electroslag welding equipment, there is a horizontal swing unit, which

    controls the water-cooled fuse tube, and can be set and swing based on size of molten pool, making high

    quality electroslag welding operation;

   6) The whole frame of the Electroslag Welding equipment travels along the rail in adjusted speed.

   2. Configuration and Operation:

   1) Same as XD-series, this machine also consists of cantilever frame, trolley, wire electrode power supply and

      control unit;

   2) The cantilever constructure is the trunk of the Electroslag Weld machine, placing the electroslag power supply,

     wire barrel, water tank and welding head holding unit;

   3) The A.C. motor powered trolley put in motion the complete set of Wire Electrode Electroslag Weld equipment

     during work;

   4) Please check attached picture. Holding unit (3 dimensional manipulating unit) of the welding head is installed

    on the overhanging beam, which can be adjusted leftward and rightward along the horizontal guardrail, 

   promising the effect of welding tip directing at welding seam all the while;

   5) To make satisfactory delivery of this Non Consumable Electroslag Welding equipment, there are some 

    important welding assistant gadgets: Swing unit of the water-cooled wire feeder, and reverse pumping unit of 

    the wire feeder. Both these units are fit onto the abovementioned holding unit of the welding head;

   6) As to the brand and model of wire electrode electroslag welding power supply, which should be equipped 

    with the Wire Electrode Electroslag Weld machine, there are several options in the market. Of which three 

    choices are Japan SESNET, Japan Panasonic KH-600 plus YX090 water tank, American Lincoln DC600 plus Cool 

    Arc 40 water tank.

   3. Technical Parameters:

Workpiece Size


Workpiece Length


Trolley Rail Span

1000 mm

Trolley Travel Speed

6 m/ min.

Trolley Travel Motor Power

0.55 kW




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