High Speed CG5000 CNC Triple Plate Cutting Machine for Edge Beveling
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High Speed CG5000 CNC Triple Plate Cutting Machine for Edge Beveling


Triple Plate Cutting machine uses oxygen and oxyacetylene as its cutting gas. It is also named as Triple Flame Plate Cutting machine. 

1.     Machine Brief:

1)      Usage:

a)       Plate Triple Cutting machine is for edge beveling on metal plate. In this sense, it has similar usage as Plate Beveling machine;

b)      The difference lies in working principle: The Plate Beveling machine make chamfering with high speed milling head; While Plate Flame Triple Cutting machine makes bevels with triple flame cutting in the speed of flame plate cutting;

c)       Please check attached picture. One piece of triple torch has three pieces of single cutting head. Shut off the two pieces of lateral heads, only leaving the middle one cutting head open, the triple cutting torch is turned into strip cutting torch. In this sense, Flame Triple Plate Cutting machine covers function of Strip Plate Cutting machine, with only less quantity of cutting torch and hence productivity.

2)      Bevels to be made

The chamfers that can be made with this Flame Plate Triple Cutting machine are X/ Y/ K/ V.

2.     Structure and Technical Features:

1)      Structure: The Plate Triple Flame Cutting machine derives from standard CNC Plate Oxyacetylene Cutting machine. It has the basic structure of gantry moving;

2)      Application:

a)       The picture attached shows a set of Triple Plate Cutting machine with two sets of triple cutting torches. It belongs to the type of tailor-made configuration;

b)      This is not the often-adopted configuration: Triple cutting is more frequently seen integrated with CNC single torch cutting and strip cutting, to give the machine more choice of function and operation;

3)      Drive Control:

a)       Conventional Triple Flame Plate Cutting machine does not have requirement on contour control. So, CNC is not a must for its controlling system;

b)      However, for all kinds of ordinary (Which means, no CNC control and servo drive) and CNC Plate Gas Cutting machine, rail span above 4m means double drive should be introduced for the purpose of stable running, which can only be realized with servo driving and accordingly CNC control;

c)       This is true for the Plate Triple Cutting machine shown in the attached picture: It has the rail span of 5m. To guarantee machine performance and its cutting quality, CNC and its servo driving system is adopted, making the machine a set of CNC Triple Plate Cutting machine;

d)      On the other hand, Triple Flame Plate Cutting machine of rail span 4m and less does not need CNC and servo driving. 

3.     Application and Operation:

1)      There will be dregs and residues left on the bevels cut with Plate Triple Cutting machine. So, it needs to be knocked off as trimming operation;

2)      The correctness and accuracy of bevels made with Plate Flame Triple Cutting machine depends on adjustment of swing angles of the two pieces of lateral cutting heads. There is an indicating ruler on each of the lateral cutting heads for management of the swing angle;

3)      As mentioned in item one, turning off the two lateral cutting heads, the middle one head can be used for strip cutting;

4)      Gas pressure and flowrate is same as standard flame plate cutting of single head cutting torch. 

4.     Technical Parameters:

For this High Speed CG5000 CNC Triple Plate Cutting machine (For the attached 5m Span Product):

Rail Span

5000 mm

Max. Work Piece Width

4200 mm

Railway Length

15000 mm

Max. Work Piece Length

13000 mm

Drive for Gantry   Movement

Double Size with Servo motors

Min. to Max. Beveling   Thickness

16 ~ 80 mm

Min. to Max. Single   Cutting Thickness

6 ~ 150 mm (Special made for 200mm)

Min. to Max. Beveling   and Cutting Speed

100 ~ 1000 mm/ min.

Bevels that can   be Made

X/   Y/ K/ V


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