Custom Made Circumferential Welding Machine for Pipe Flange
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Custom Made Circumferential Welding Machine for Pipe Flange


From this section we go into the sub-segment of circumferential welding machine. We will introduce three sets of such special welding machine of circumferential seam welder. First let’s start from the pipe flange welding machine of this section.


    1.     Usage:

    1)       This circumferential seam welding machine is for welding pipe flange. It is specifically designed and produced, which is a set of special welding equipment;

    2)       Pipe flange is widely used in many industries, such as Industrial Pipeline, Oil and Gas Pipeline, Petrochemical, etc. Accordingly, pipe flange welding equipment also have extensive application, differs in specific design and specification in practical use.


    2.     Technical Features:

    1)       As can be seen from attached picture, this specialized welding machine for pipe flange welding is equipped with two sets of welding torch installed on the same carriage, for welding both internal and external flange seams at the same time. This is designed on the basis of fully considering pipe flange specialty and its welding request;

    2)       The welding mode applicable for this circumferential welding equipment is gas shielded CO2, and or MIG;

    3)       Welding is performed in the position of fillet welding;

    4)       During welding, the two sets of torches weld the workpiece in stationary status: With the revolving of workpiece, its internal and external seams got welded; So, pipe rotation speed is the welding speed of this special made welding equipment;

    5)       Position and angle of the two welding torches need to be adjusted before welding. This adjustment is made by hand quickly.


    3.     Structure:

    1)       This pipe flange welding machine has the structure of horizontal lying base. Two sets of rollers beds serve as supporting unit of the workpiece, which can move along the machine bed guided with linear guideways, for adjusting its span based on different lengths of workpiece;

    2)       The welding arm which is fit with welding carriage, is fixed at the opposing terminal of the circumferential welding machine. Welding carriage on its top section can extend forward in the process of welding, and retreat backward when the workpiece is loaded and or unloaded, leaving more space for operation. There is sliding unit inside the welding carriage for its quick horizontal movement;

    3)       Welding carriage moves up and down on the welding arm, catering for various diameter of the workpiece welded in this circumferential seam welder;

    4)       This pipe flange welding machine is also equipped with pneumatic jacking unit for quick and convenient load& unload of workpiece.


    4.     Parameter:

Parameters of this special welding machine of Pipe Flange Welding equipment please check below:

Note: It is special made, and can be changed on customer demand.

Welding Mode


Welding Power Supply Max. Current

500 A

Welding Current

300 ~ 400 A

Pipe Flange Revolving Linear Speed   (Welding Velocity)

200 ~ 800 mm/min.

Pipe Flange Diameter

200 ~ 600 mm

Pipe Flange Total Length

Up to 5m





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