How to make the best of Pipe Assembly and Welding
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How to make the best of Pipe Assembly and Welding

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How to make the best of Pipe Assembly and Welding

1.     Content of this Article:

This article will have a brief introduction on the field of Pipe Assembly and Welding, including its application, process technology and characteristic, equipment used, and summary.


2.     Application of Pipe Assembly and Welding machine:

1)      Pipelines of various size and structure are widely used in industries involving transportation of liquid and gas. For example, Metallurgical Pipeline, Petroleum, Chemical Plant, Oil and Gas, Power Plant, etc.;

2)      These pipelines are usually made from basic elements of pipes assembled and welded with flanges and or elbows. Accordingly, pipe assembly and welding are the core operations in the process of pipeline production.

3.     Process Technology of Pipe Assembly and Welding and its Features:

1)      The components involved are pipe, flange and elbow. The combination is in assorted forms: One end of the pipe is with flange, while the other end with elbow; Or both ends with flange or elbow; Or only one end assembled and welded either with flange or elbow. To have typical exemplification, in this article we use the supposed application scenario of one end with flange, the other end with elbow;

2)      The three general steps in pipe assembly and welding procedure are:

a)       Pipe beveling, or pipe chamfering --- This is for making bevel on edge of the pipe, to make prepare for the next step of pipe assembly and pipe welding;

b)      Pipe Assembly and Tack Welding with flange and elbow respectively;

c)       Pipe welding, including pipe flange welding and pipe elbow welding;

3)      First, all the tack welding and final welding in pipeline production is circumferential seam welding, which makes this group of pipe assembly and welding machines have something in common with the circumferential welding machines we discussed in the product group of “Welding Fixture and Special Welding machine”;

4)      Second, accurate and efficient positioning and securing of workpiece pipe, flange and elbow is crucial in the series processes of pipe beveling, pipe assembly and tack welding, pipe flange welding/ pipe elbow welding. In this sense, design/ manufacture/ application of various proper fixtures is the key step in deployment of these pipe assembly and welding machines. The corresponding gadgets used include but not confined to trolleys with positioning slot, vertical plates with fitting holes, pallet with positioning slots and holes, roller beds, etc. These fixtures fully guarantee successful delivery of series operations from pipe beveling, to pipe flange assembly, to pipe elbow assembly, to pipe elbow welding, to pipe flange welding;

5)      The third characteristic during pipe assembly and welding is the sequence of assembly and welding between pipe and flange/ elbow. To be specific, in the stage of pipe assembly and tack welding, first is pipe flange assembly and then pipe elbow assembly; While in the following stage of pipe welding, the order is reversed: First is pipe elbow welding, then pipe flange welding. This is determined out of workpiece features in terms of fitting size;

6)      The fourth characteristic in the process of pipe assembly and welding is, the pipe assembly and tack welding with flange and elbow can be integrated into one machine --- This is based on the truth of common points of the two subdivided steps, and structure of finished products. But one thing needs to take care is dimension of worktable, especially its fixture for pipe flange assembly should be matched with that of pipe elbow assembly, in case with the flange assembled and tack welded onto the pipe, the elbow can not be put onto its pallet for pipe elbow assembly;

7)      The fifth characteristic, also the last one (But not least) to mention is welding mode and welding position adopted in pipe flange welding and pipe elbow welding: Although both belong to the broad category of pipe circumferential welding, in pipe elbow welding, it is made in the form of vertical downward submerged arc welding; While in pipe flange welding, it is flat fillet welding of gas shielded CO2.


4.     Pipe Assembly and Welding machine:

For detail, please check the product group of “Pipe Assembly and Welding machine”. We have seven products introduced under its classification:

1)      High Efficiency Pipe Assembly and Welding machine for Shipbuilding;

2)      Universal Easy to Operate High Speed Automatic Pipe Beveling machine;

3)      Heavy duty High Precision Automatic Hydraulic Pipe Chamfering machine;

4)      Pipe Flange Assembly machine with Circumferential Seamless Tack Welding;

5)      Pipe Elbow Assembly machine with Circumferential Seamless Tack Welding;

6)      Pipe Elbow Welding machine with Automatic Circumferential SAW Welding;

7)      Pipe Flange Welding machine with Automatic Circumferential Gas Shielded Welding

These machines have delicate design, excellent workmanship, compact size, user friendly operation, consistent and reliable performance.

5.     Summary:

1)      In general, pipeline is nearly everywhere appeared in manufacturing fields and industries, mentioned at the beginning of this article;

2)      These Pipe Assembly and Welding machines have something in common with H Beam production line in terms of process technology, and with circumferential welding machine in terms of welding technique. Meanwhile, it has its uniqueness which make it standing out from remaining products;

3)      These Pipe Assembly and Welding machines can be made into a complete production line for pipe making, also can be worked as individual equipment;

4)      On the other hand, these Pipe Assembly and Welding machines are usually tailor made from basic specifications.


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