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1.     Usage of Angle Steel Straightening Machine:

1)      The ASM-series Angle Steel Straightening Machine is for straightening deformation of Angle Steel (The other name: Rolled Angle, Angle Bar, or L steel) along its lengthways direction, including warping/ bending/ hemming, etc.;

2)      Based on cross section size of the Angle Steel, this series of Angle Straightening Machine has several standard models to choose from, from ASM63 to ASM200. Please check below workpiece specification table;

3)      Also, we can design and produce ASM-model L Steel Straightening Machine of special size to cater for specific customer demand;

4)      This L Steel Straightening Machine is a kind of workpiece correction equipment similar to H Beam Straightening Machine, but with different structure and working principle.

2.     Advantage and Application of Angle Steel Straightening Machine:

1)      The ASM-series Rolled Angle Straightening Machine is a new product developed by Wuxi JACK 6~7 years ago, from the year 2013. The background is, many Angle Steels have various types of deformation along its lengthwise direction, which should be straightened for next step of operation;

2)      Before development of this ASM-series Angle Iron Straightening Machine, the Angles Steel straightening process was made by hand. The introduction of this Angle Steel Straightening Machine saves labor job immensely, and produces straightened workpiece with uniform quality;

3)      Ever since the ASM-series Angle Straightening Machine brought to market, the product gained welcome from customers not only in Chinese mainland, but also overseas abroad market. Up to now, the ASM-series Angle Steel Straightening Machine have been exported to many countries including Russia, Central Asia, etc. And have acquired high approval from customers. It is now one of the featured products of Wuxi JACK;

4)      The ASM-series Angle Steel Straightening Machine features in simple operation, high straightening speed, and good straightening quality. It can be widely used in many industries, such as Steel Structure, Iron Tower, Road and Bridge, etc.

3.     The Topics in Product Family of Angle Steel Straightening Machine:

This product group of ASM-series general purpose Angle Steel Straightening Machine will give introduction in detail covering the topics of:

1) Angle Steel Straightening Principle of the Angle Straightening Machine;

2) Angle Steel Straightening Manipulation of the Angle Straightening Machine;

3) Operation process of the Angle Straightening Machine;

4) Main Structure of the Lengthwise Angle Steel Straightening Machine;

5) Safety Operation of the Angle Straightening Machine;

6) Maintenance of the Angle Straightening Machine.

4.     Workpiece Size Range fitting for Angle Steel Straightening Machine:

Below are suitable angle steels size range for each of the standard model of ASM-series Rolled Angle Straightening Machine:

Angle Steel Straightening Machine

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