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The Usage of Welding Pipe Rotator:


1. Welding Rotator carries out circumferential welding on all the workpieces with round shape cross section, or you can call it barrel working parts;
2. Of all the common and uncommon diameters of workpieces: From 250mm to 10000 mm, in thickness of several millimeters to over 80 millimeters… These are all within the applicable scope of Welding Pipe Rotator;
3. Working with Welding Manipulator, not only external circumferential welding, but also internal circumferential welding can be realized on Welding Rotator: As you can find from the above large photo, with the teamwork between the 80Ton loading capacity Welding Roller Bed and LHZ5x5 Welding Manipulator, the tanks with over 2m diameter and above 30mm thickness can be fabricated in large volume.


Working Steps of Welding Rotator Operation:


The above rough sketch gives illustration on structure of Welding Rotator, its welding roller bed, and its way of work: (Fig.1)

Fig1 Welding Rotator- Sketch-HLK-22

1. Structure of Welding Rotator:

1) In any one set of Welding Pipe Rotator, there is one set of driving version welding roller bed installed with motor, and 1 to 3 sets of follower version (Or idler) welding roller bed;
2) The quantity of follower version welding roller bed depends on length of working parts: The longer the parts, the more the idler welding roller bed needed;
3) In each set of welding roller bed, there are 2 or 4 pieces of welding turning roller, depending on whether it is HGZ Self Adjustable Welding Rotator, or HGK Leadscrew Adjustable Welding Rotator, or HLK Bolt Adjustable Welding Rotator;
4) In the above sketch is a set of HLK Bolt Adjustable Welding Pipe Rotator;

2. The General Steps of Welding Pipe Rotator Operating:

1) At the initiation of Welding Rotator working, the round section working part is laid on driving version and follower version welding roller bed, making direct contact with welding turning roller;
2) Under the drive of A.C. motor of driving version welding roller bed, its welding turning roller rotate. By means of the friction force, workpiece revolves accordingly;
3) The rotation of follower version welding roller bed is led from the revolving workpiece;

4) So, in Welding Pipe Rotator, the circumferential welding speed is the linear velocity of its welding turning roller, which is VFD (Variable frequency drive) realized with inverter, and displayed in real time manner on operating pendant of welding roller bed, as shown below:

Speed control and display in Welding Rotator: (Fig.2,3

     Fig2 Welding Pipe Rotator   Fig3 Welding Roller Bed
5) For quick understanding on product family of Welding Turning Roller, please visit subjective page of “Summary on Wuxi JACK Welding Rotator”.


Varieties of Welding Pipe Rotator Manufactured by Wuxi JACK

Outstanding Characteristic of Wuxi JACK Welding Rotator

1. As a renowned professional producer on mature product Welding Rotator, Wuxi JACK has accumulated complete system of process control in order to delivery circle of Welding Rotator, and full around advantages embedded in the whole process, as well as the delivery of Welding Roller Bed for customer;
2. These strong points of Welding Pipe Rotator are discussed in this series of pages on the product of Welding Pipe Rotator, as well as its welding roller bed and welding turning roller, from different perspectives of viewpoints. Here we pick up one of them conforming to the theme of this page: Put into use of Welding Rotator as below;
3. For other merits of Welding Pipe Rotator delivered by Wuxi JACK, please check the related pages of Welding Rotator, Conventional Standard Welding Rotator, Special Made Welding Rotator, and Tailor Made Welding Rotator.

Complete Safe and Reliable Working of Wuxi JACK Welding Rotator:

What is the No.1 precondition to be met for putting into use of Welding Pipe Rotator?

1. Why Safety and Reliability So Important for Running of Welding Roller Bed and Welding Turning Roller?

1) As a mechanical instrument with heavy loading tonnage, safety is always the first factor to be taken in introduction of Welding Pipe Rotator, its welding roller bed, and welding turning roller;

2) Here, safety has three implications for Welding Pipe Rotator:

a) The first is security of Welding Rotator working staff and its surrounding working site, no harm to them;
b) The second refers to reliable and durable running of Welding Rotator itself, especially its mechanical body of welding roller bed, and enforcement unit of welding turning roller;
c) The third aspect is fully protection on workpiece parts, preventing it from falling down off the welding roller bed, and bumping onto workshop ground;

3) Hidden Risk on Operation of Welding Rotator:

a) As you know, working parts of Welding Pipe Rotator have round shape cross section of various lengths;
b) For this reason, in case the revolve of welding turning roller is not dependable;
c) Or braking system of welding turning roller fails;
There may bring along hidden risk of cylindrical parts falling out or rolling out, which may do harm to people and instrument close by the Welding Pipe Rotator, as well as the cylindrical workpieces itself.

2. What Measures Taken in Welding Roller Bed and Welding Turning Roller of Wuxi JACK Welding Pipe Rotator?

1) The Wuxi JACK Welding Rotator has high safety factor for the entire structure of welding roller bed and welding turning roller;
2) There is large margin allowance for the entire structure of Welding Pipe Rotator in mechanical strength and rigidity, which has sufficient loading capacity for its workpiece;
3) The transmission and braking systems in Welding Rotator are two groups that should be stressed on durability and sturdy structure:
The driving and transmission mechanisms of Wuxi JACK Welding Rotator have large turning torque and loading ability, making sure smooth and consistent running of welding roller bed and welding turning roller;
4) Welding turning roller is carefully considered for its material, way of combination, and process technology. For this topic, we discussed it in the page of Welding Rotator.


3. Please check product introduction of Middle Level Loading Capacity HGZ Series Self Adjusting Welding Rotator.

Selection Guide on Welding Pipe Rotator

1. Category of Welding Rotator:


Before making selection on which kind of Welding Pipe Rotator is proper for your choice, first let us review the classification of welding roller bed:
1) Welding Rotator can be grouped into two branches of standard conventional welding roller bed, and special or tailor made welding roller bed;
2) Deep down, the standard conventional Welding Pipe Rotator can further be divided into 3 types of HGZ Self Adjustable welding roller bed; HGK Leadscrew Adjustable Welding Rotator, and HLK Bolt Adjustable welding roller bed. This branch of standard Welding Rotator takes majority condition in application;
3) Besides, there are fairly amount of special or tailor made Welding Rotator, which, by means of introducing designated functions, such as traveling, anti drifting, tilting, integration
into its Welding Roller Bed,​ to​​​​​​ deliver more powerful and or specific focused product of Welding Pipe Rotator for customers;
4) In the pages of Welding Rotator, Conventional Standard Welding Rotator, Special Made Welding Rotator, and Tailor Made Welding Rotator, we introduce all these types of welding roller bed in detail.

2. Factors to be Taken before Selecting Welding Pipe Rotator:

There are series of aspects should be considered before making decision on which kind of Welding Rotator is proper for your choice. Among these factors, five of them are critical:

1) The Scope of Workpieces Weight for Welding Turning Roller:

a) This determines the max. loading capacity of welding roller bed;
b) For example, HGZ80 refers to maximum loading capability of 80ton in the HGZ80 Self Adjustable Welding Rotator;

2) The Scope of Workpieces Diameter for Welding Roller Bed:

a) This indicates the largest diameter of workpiece that can be held on welding turning roller of Welding Pipe Rotator;
b) For example, after referring to parameter table, we get to know that the largest available workpiece for HGZ80 Self adjustable Welding Rotator is 1720mm;

3) The Scope of Workpieces Length for Welding Rotator:

a) This determines quantity of idler welding roller bed in Welding Rotator;
b) Generally speaking, the configuration of one driving one idler welding roller bed can weld workpiece with length up to 10+ meter, which can meet the demand of majority application for Welding Pipe Rotator;

4) The Scope of Workpieces Thickness for Welding Roller Bed:

This determines which kind of Welding Rotator is applicable for use: Whether it is HGZ self adjustable Welding Roller Bed, or HGK Leadscrew adjustable Welding Rotator, or HLK Bolt adjustable Welding Roller Bed;

5) The Expected Finished Effect of Workpieces from Welding Rotator:

This determines whether conventional standard Welding Roller Bed can meet the demand for customer, or special made Welding Pipe Rotator should be considered.

3. Applicable Application Range on Each Type of Welding Rotator:

In practical business scenario, we need to discuss with customers in detail their specific demand. Below is just a quick guideline:

1) HGZ series Self Adjustable Welding Rotator:

a) Its welding roller bed is applicable for being welded on thin thickness barrel working parts, with certain fixed species of diameter. Here thin thickness refers to 12mm and less;
b) The fitting workpiece of welding turning roller is from light duty to medium duty: Up to 3m diameter, with the heaviest loading capacity of 250 ton;

2) HGK series Leadscrew Adjustable Welding Rotator:

a) Its welding roller bed is applicable for being welded on workpieces with always changing diameter, but maybe in small volume of each diameter;
b) The fitting workpiece of its welding turning roller is basically light duty: Up to 60ton of standard models Welding Rotator;

3) HLK series Bolt Adjustable Welding Rotator:

a) Its welding roller bed is applicable for being welded on large thickness workpieces: From 20mm to 80mm all available for its welding turning roller;
b) The diameters of workpieces should be confined to several grades only, but can be in large volume in each grade of diameter;
c) The scope on fitting workpiece of welding turning roller is the widest: From light duty of 2ton, Up to heavy duty of 1000ton in standard models Welding Pipe Rotator, and 2000 ton in special made Welding Rotator.

1. Detailed Technical Parameters of HGZ Self Adjustable Welding Rotator:

Note: Special specification for welding roller bed and welding turning roller is available.
HGZ Welding Rotator Specification

2. Detailed Technical Parameters of HGK Leadscrew Adjustable Welding Rotator:

Note: Special specification for welding roller bed and welding turning roller is available.
HGK Welding Rotator Specification

3. Detailed Technical Parameters of HLK Bolt Adjustable Welding Pipe Rotator:

Note: Special specification for welding roller bed and welding turning roller is available.
HLK Welding Rotator Specification
Welding Pipe Rotator

Welding Roller Bed

Welding Rotator

Working Video of Wuxi JACK Welding Pipe Rotator

Idler Welding Roller Bed Trial of Travel HGK60 Leadscrew Adjustable Welding Rotator by Wuxi JACK

Welding Turning Roller Center Distance Adjustment in HGK60 Leadscrew Adjustable Welding Rotator by Wuxi JACK

Movement Trial in HGK60 Leadscrew Adjustable Welding Rotator

Application Range of Welding Rotator:

1. The industries see the most extensive and largest volume of Welding Pipe Rotator are: Wind Tower, Oil Tank, Boiler, Chemical Industry, Marine Engineering, etc.;
2. Most Majority of Welding Rotator applications are applied with Welding Manipulator;
3. The supporting equipment for Welding Rotator are Edge Milling Machine, and Plate Butt Joint Welding Machine, for output large scale steel plate before making it into pipes;
4. Most of the times, after circumferential welding on these pipes with Welding Rotator, Beam End Face Milling Machine is used for polishing end face of pipes;
5. The equipment with reverse process technology against Welding Rotator is CNC Pipe Cutting Machine, which cut off pipes instead of welding.

Put into Use of Wuxi JACK Welding Pipe Rotator

1. On Site Installation of Wuxi JACK Welding Rotator:

1) Unlike large scale equipment such as H Beam Fabrication Machine, which needs certain days for foundation making and installation, the transportation and set up of Welding Rotator, its welding roller bed and welding turning roller is relatively simpler and time saving;
2) However, simple does not equal to neglect. There are definitely several points which need to be considered, for preparation on introduction of Welding Pipe Rotator;

3) Matters for Attention on Installation of Welding Rotator:

a) Check cleanness condition of welding roller bed and welding turning roller after unpack the Welding Rotator. And clean the whole set of Welding Rotator if necessary;
b) It is strongly suggested to secure the welding roller bed into workshop ground firmly, instead of just putting it on the ground. This can make sure reliable and steady working of entire set Welding Pipe Rotator;
c) Be sure to make sure parallelism of driving and follower welding roller bed. If this is not realized, there will be skidding of workpiece during working of Welding Rotator.

2. Daily Use and Service of Welding Rotator:

1) Many customers purchase Welding Pipe Rotator to make up for their existing Welding Rotator of different loading capacity and or configuration. So, before using the newly bought welding roller bed, incorporate the welding turning roller into the current system of Welding Rotator, so that to make all the welding roller bed work in unison;
2) Welding turning roller is the critical and core working elements of Welding Pipe Rotator. Whatever its materials and workmanship, customer need to set up strict service plan and enforce the plan carefully. This can guarantee the best performance and the longest service life of Welding Rotator;
3) Every day before official working of the Welding Pipe Rotator, make idle trial run on welding roller bed and welding turning roller first. This is can eliminate hidden risk of damage on workpiece.

Wuxi JACK Welding Rotator, there is always one fitting for you!

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