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Application of Welding Manipulator

1. The Workpiece and Importance of Welding Manipulator:

1) The product family of LHZ Automatic Cross Slides Welding Manipulator is for implementing welding on cylinder parts (Tube/ Pipe/ Tank/ Pressure Vessel...), from small diameter to large diameter, from short length to long length, from light weight to heavy weight, involving internal and external, circumferential and longitudinal seam fabrication;
2) In other words, where there exists demand on pipe/ tank production, there exist potential demand on this cross slides Pipe Tank Welding Machine;

3) A set of Wuxi JACK LHZ5050 Moving Welding Manipulator is making external longitudinal welding on a segment of tanks: (Fig.1)

Fig1- 85- Welding Manipulator- LHZ5050 ESAB- IMAG1178
4) Automatic Welding Manipulator is one of the three most often applied Welding Equipment, together with Welding Rotator, and Welding Positioner, which see widespread use at Industries of Petrochemical, Oil and Gas, Pressure Vessel, Pipeline, etc.
5) The other name of Welding Manipulator is “Welding Column and Boom”. In that page, we will have a deep down introduction on technical details of this common used pipe Welding Equipment.


2. Specifications of Cross Slides Welding Manipulator:

1) The adjustment, management and operation of this Pipe Tank Welding Machine is mainly in the way of boom movement transfer by means of cross slides (Saddle), at the intersection center of horizontal boom with upright column. So, this pipe tank Welding Equipment is often called as “Cross Slides Welding Manipulator”;

2) A set of Wuxi JACK Cross Slides Welding Manipulator in commissioning: (Fig.2)

Fig2 Cross Slides Welding Manipulator 38- LHZ3030- GMAW- 100_9346

3) Dimension Scope and Suitable Materials for Workpieces to be Welded in the Welding Manipulator:

a) The diameter of pipes/ tubes/ tanks applicable for being welded in the Welding Manipulator ranges from 2000mm (LHZ2020) to 8000mm (LHZ8080);
b) Thickness from several mm up to 20s~ 30s mm;
c) No restriction on lengths, which is realized with traveling rails of the Moving Welding Manipulator;
d) Materials of workpieces can be carbon steel, stainless steel, Al... etc.
4) For how to make the most appropriate choice on model and configuration of this pipe tank Welding Equipment, please check blog “Variation in Configuration of Welding Manipulator and Proper Selection”;
5) For quick understanding on Cross Slides Welding Manipulator, please check product page of “Introduction on Wuxi JACK Welding Manipulator”.

Various Models of Wuxi JACK Cross Slides Welding Manipulator

Main Working Units of Cross Slides Welding Manipulator

Wuxi JACK Cross Slides Welding Manipulator

9- Welding Manipulator- LHZ2525- IMG_1392
14-Welding Manipulator- LHZ2530- 100_7286
19- Welding Manipulator LHZ3030- IMG_9805
31- Welding Manipulator LHZ3030- QQ图片20151221084256
53- Welding Manipulator LHZ4040- IMG_0652
55- Welding Manipulator LHZ5050- IMG_0673
61- Welding Manipulator LHZ4060

Working Video of Wuxi JACK Welding Manipulator

ESAB Strip Cladding Commissioning on Wuxi JACK LHZ5050 Cross Slides Welding Manipulator;

Trying on Built Up Welding in Wuxi JACK LHZ Moving Welding Manipulator;

Close distance observance on Strip Cladding on Wuxi JACK Pipe Tank Welding Machine

Design Sketch of Cross Slides Welding Manipulator

Below is design illustration on a set of Wuxi JACK LHZ4040 Moving Welding Manipulator:

1. The largest diameter of tanks/ pipes that can be welded in this Pipe Tank Welding Machine is 4000mm;
2. Length of traveling rails is based on required length of workpiece;
3. During running of the Welding Manipulator, workpiece is laid onto 2 sets of Welding Rotator;
4. Welding mode is flexible based on process technology at working site.

Welding Head in LHZ Series Cross Slides Welding Manipulator

1. All the kinds of welding modes can be adopted in the LHZ series Welding Manipulator, which is realized by means of configuration and set-up way of its welding heads;

2. The above 4 photos reflect on the 4 common seen welding modes and corresponding welding heads used in Cross Slides Welding Manipulator:

1) Large current SAW (Submerged arc welding) for welding thick wall pipes/ tubes/ tanks that are made of carbon steel;
2) Delicate TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welding for fabricating thin wall stainless pipes/ tubes;
3) High IK value CO2 GMAW for fabricating small to Strong intensity medium thickness workpiece in Welding Manipulator;
4) Strip Cladding (Hard facing) for building up a layer of anti-corrosion on surface of workpiece, in this Pipe Tank Welding Machine;

3. Correspondingly, from the above 4 photos, we can see that, welding head of the Cross Slides Welding Manipulator has main elements of:

1) Various modes of Welding torch, its position controlling mechanism, including high precision cross slides, or seam tracker;
2) Welding wire feeder, and wire reel;
3) SAW welding flux hopper, recycling unit, and conveying tubes;
4) Control console of welding power supply, and seam tracker, that conforming to welding modes adopted in specific Cross Slides Welding Manipulator;

4. Welding Modes of Welding Manipulator Linkage with Corresponding Product Section:

Outsourced Function Cells of Cross Slides Welding Manipulator

In daily operation of Welding Manipulator, to meet the personalized demand from customers, there are series of outsourced function cells available, to be equipped in this tube pipe Welding Equipment:
1) Seam Tracker for managing welding torch;
2) Video graphic monitor for internal welding inside tubes/ pipes;
3) Welding swing for getting wider welding seam...

Seam Tracker in Welding Torches of Various Welding Equipment

1. Seam Tracker is a necessary function cell for realizing high standard welding, in nearly all the kinds of Welding Equipment. It forms a closed loop circuit for managing welding torch, during the entire working period of Welding Manipulator;
2. Working principle of seam tracker is like this: It collects real time position data of welding torch, making calculation, then sending command in the form of displacement, making welding torch tracing accurately along welding seam all the while, in LHZ Pipe Tank Welding Machine;

3. Installation illustration of seam tracker onto welding torch in Welding Equipment:

Fig1 Welding Equipment 149

4. Complement on Adoption of the Seam Tracker in Welding Manipulator:

1) The seam tracker is a very powerful tool for guaranteeing welding quality of the LHZ automatic high precision Welding Manipulator;
2) On the other hand, the performance of the whole set of equipment depends on coordination of all the units of the Moving Welding Manipulator.

Video Graphic Monitor in Cross Slides Welding Manipulator

1. When the Welding Manipulator is used for internal welding of cylindrical workpieces, for performing longitudinal and or circumferential welding, such operation belongs to blind welding;
2. To have well placed control on the welding process in the Pipe Tank Welding Machine, an external surveillance unit of video graphic monitor should be used;

3. Video Graphic Monitor is used for checking welding condition, on internal welding in the Cross Slides Welding Manipulator: 

Fig1 Welding Manipulator 141  Fig2 Welding Manipulator 142
1) As can be found from the above photos, in the case of internal welding inside cylindrical parts with the Cross Slides Welding Manipulator, especially for small diameter workpieces, it is hard and dangerous for people to have direct access on the welding torch;
2) By this time, video graphic monitor is a hit for managing welding process happened in the Welding Equipment of Integral Control Welding Manipulator;
3) With the help of this function unit, operators of the Welding Manipulator can track condition of internal welding inside cylinders/ tanks in real time manner, controlling the welding process of the Welding Manipulator precisely and accurately.

Category and Main Parameters of Cross Slides Welding Manipulator

Based on below 3 indexes of the LHZ Welding Manipulator:


1) Loading capacity at the front end of boom;
2) Column revolve or not, as well as its revolve way;
3) Fixed or Moving Welding Manipulator


The LHZ series Cross Slides Welding Manipulator can be divided into 13 groups of:

1. Light duty Column Manual Revolve Stationary Cross Slides Welding Manipulator;
2. Light duty Column Motor Revolve Stationary Cross Slides Welding Manipulator;
3. Light duty Column Manual Revolve Cross Slides Moving Welding Manipulator;
4. Light duty Column Motor Revolve Cross Slides Moving Welding Manipulator;

5. Medium duty Column Manual Revolve Stationary Cross Slides Welding Manipulator;
6. Medium duty Column Motor Revolve Stationary Cross Slides Welding Manipulator;
7. Medium duty Column Manual Revolve Cross Slides Moving Welding Manipulator;
8. Medium duty Column Motor Revolve Cross Slides Moving Welding Manipulator;

9. Heavy duty Column Manual Revolve Stationary Cross Slides Welding Manipulator;
10. Heavy duty Column Motor Revolve Stationary Cross Slides Welding Manipulator;
11. Heavy duty Column Manual Revolve Cross Slides Moving Welding Manipulator;
12. Heavy duty Column Motor Revolve Cross Slides Moving Welding Manipulator;

13. Column Non-Revolve Cross Slides Welding Manipulator.


Below are Technical Parameters of the above 13 Branches of LHZ Cross Slides Welding Manipulator:

2 X 3
3 X 4
4 X 4
4 X 5
5 X 5
5 X 6
6 X 6
7 X 7
8 X 8
 Boom Vertical Moving Stroke (mm) 2000 3000 4000 4000 5000 5000 6000 7000 8000
 Boom Horizontal Moving Stroke (mm) 3000 4000 4000 5000 5000 6000 6000 7000 8000
 Bed of Welding Manipulator Stationary Base Bed / Moving type Tolley
 Column Revolve Way Non Revolving/ Manual or Motor Drive Revolving
 Boom Vertical Speed (mm/min.) Constant 1000 Constant 1500
 Boom Horizontal Speed (mm/min.) 120 ~ 1200, Inverter 80 ~ 1000, Inverter
 Max. Loading at Front End of Boom (kg) 80 80 ~ 120 200 500 400
 Welding Seam Tracking Range 100 ~ 200 mm
 Welding Seam Tracking Speed
200 ~ 250 mm/min.
 Welding Seam Tracking Precision ± 0.25 mm
 Applicable Welding Mode SAW/ GMAW: CO2, MIG, MAG/ TIG/ Strip Cladding
 Applicable Welding Material Carbon steel/ Stainless Steel/ Al

Application and Related Equipment of Cross Slides Welding Manipulator

1. As one of the largest volume Pipe Tank Welding Machine, the application of Welding Manipulator usually accompanies with Welding Roller Bed, which is for holding workpiece, and making the workpiece into revolve, during external and internal circumferential welding on pipes/ tubes/ tanks;
2. When carry out welding on structure members, Welding Positioner is also necessary to collaborate with Cross Slides Welding Manipulator;
3. These Welding Equipment work in the form of Welding Center;
4. The 1st operation equipment in process route of pipe fabrication is Edge Milling Machine, which is used for making welding groove, before bending and close gap welding for pipe production;
5. In the field of pipe fabrication, other two important equipment are CNC Pipe Cutting Machine for cutting off and make beveling on pipes, and CNC Pipe Beam End Face Milling Machine, for end polishing on fabricated workpieces.

Welding Manipulator

Welding Manipulator

Welding Manipulator

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