Simple Type Single Axis Electric Variable Speed Welding Positioner
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Simple Type Single Axis Electric Variable Speed Welding Positioner


Same as the welding turning table introduced before, this segment of single axis welding positioner is also a reduced version of previously presented single work table welding positioner.


   1. Difference of this simple type welding positioner with welding turntable:

     1) Revolving worktable of this single axis weld positioner is often in the vertical plane, or, in other words,its

        rotation axis is in horizontal direction;

     2) Revolving worktable of welding turntable is basically horizontal, or, in other words, its rotation axis is in 

       vertical direction;

     3) To put it simply, revolving axis of this simple type single axis welding positioner is at 90° with that of welding

        turning table. Please check attached picture.


   2. Performance Characteristicof this electric single axis welding positioner:

     1) Revolve Speed: Its revolving table is speed adjustable with inverter, so it is a kind of single axis variable 

        speed welding positioner;

     2) Why this Simple type Weld Positioner: In certain applications, welding seam of workpiece has simple and 

      regular distribution. One degree of freedom of revolve can meet the demand of welding technology for most

       majority seams. In such cases, a simple type single axis weld positioner can lower down equipment cost by a 

      large margin, and fulfil welding task at the same time, getting the best bridging point of performance and cost;

     3) What kind of Workpiece: Is applicable for this single axis variable speed weld positioner? Those with round 

       welding seam and short length. Or, put it plainly, those workpiece of which the ratio of length/height against 

       diameter is small. So, after the workpiece is secured on the vertical work table, it will not have long extended 


      4) Equipment Structure:

         - Without tilting movement, this electric single axis weld positioner removes sector gear and its motor 

            reducer. Equipment body can be made into a box type, steadily and solidly standing on the ground;

         - Also, drive and transmission system of revolve can be put inside the cavity of the equipment body;

         - Control elements can also be put inside the cavity of equipment body;

         - Thus makes the complete set of single axis weld positioner has straight and concise appearance. See below


Equipment Body

      5) Operation of the Equipment:

         -  Operating pendant is integrated onto lateral side of equipment body, convenient for handling and 


         -  Sometimes a foot pedal switch is used to relieve hands of operator for other jobs during working. See 

           below picture;

   Foot Pedal Switch

       6) Tonnage of the Equipment: Often used loading capacity of this single axis welding positioner is 2Ton 

          /3Ton /5Ton /10Ton.  


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