Tailor Made Circumferential Welding Machine for Small Flange
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Tailor Made Circumferential Welding Machine for Small Flange


The Small Flange Welding machine of this section is another circumferential seam welder.


   1.     Equipment Purpose:

   1)       This specialized welding machine is for welding small flanges, structure members, and or small pipes with relative short length;

   2)       Flange is a kind of basic connecting element in all aspects of manufacturing industries. Hence, its circumferential welding machine is also widely used in every corner of facilities;

   3)       Besides flange, this special welding machine can also be used for welding structure member and small pipe. So, it is a flexible circumferential welding equipment.


    2.    Technical Specialty:

    1)       Compared with the previous section, this special purpose welding equipment has much shorter and compact dimension. This is determined on the characteristic of its workpiece;

    2)       Same as the previous section, this circumferential seam welding machine alsowelds workpiece in stationary position together with workpiece revolving. Which means, position and angle of its welding torch should be modulated ahead of time;

    3)       Different from the previous section, workpiece of this special purpose welding machine has more degree of freedom: Besides revolving, the workpiece can also be tilted within the range of 0°~ 45°. This gives more flexibility in its welding process;

    4)       Welding mode of this circumferential seam welder is gas shielded CO2 and MIG.


   3.     Structure and Performance:

    1)       There is a small welding positioner fixed at one end of the machine bed. It is holding unit of workpiece, and fulfils the abovementioned workpiece tilting function for adjusting welding position and angle. There is circular ruler on its lateral side for indicating the tilted angle;

    2)       On the lateral side of the machine base along its lengthways direction, an extending rack supports a small gantry of adult people height, and on this small gantry is installed with welding carriage of this small flange welding machine;

    3)       Such kind of design leave ample space for not only welding operation, but also load and unload of workpiece: That welding torch can extend into the welding area of the circumferential seam welder for welding operation, and retreats back when the workpiece is in load& unload process. Such extension and retreat are motor drive;

    4)       On the opposing end of machine base is a manual adjusting and locking unit. It is for clamping pipe and or cylinder body based on length of the workpiece. The operation is made with a handwheel. This clamping unit also revolves in idle during working period of the specialized welding equipment;

    5)       At the front end of welding carriage there is a manual cross slide for adjusting welding torch in X&Y axis, by means of a handwheel right above it.

    4.     Parameters:

Parameters of this specialized welding machine of Circumferential Seam Welder:

Note: It is special made, and can be changed on customer demand.

Welding Mode


Welding Power Supply Max. Current

500 A

Welding Current

300 ~ 400 A

Pipe Flange Revolving Linear Speed   (Welding Velocity)

200 ~ 800 mm/min.

Pipe Flange Diameter

100 ~ 400 mm

Workpiece Tilting Range

0°~ 45°

Workpiece Total Length

Up to 1m




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