High Precision Flexible Welding Fixture for Welding Structure Member
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High Precision Flexible Welding Fixture for Welding Structure Member


Welding Fixture is widely used in nearly all the working site involving welding operation. It is an indispensable tool of welding fixing mechanism.


  1. Application:

    1)       In essence, welding fixture is a kind of requisite assistant component of welding member fixing unit;

    2)       Use of welding fixture makes welding process convenient and user friendly;

    3)       To be specific, example of such welding fixing unit usage:

    a)       Working together welding positioner, workpiece can be positioned and secured into an ideal and best position for welding, delivering highest degree of welding quality, and having operator working in best ergonomics condition as in the case of manual welding;

    b)      Welding of irregular seam in irregular shape workpiece need to maintain tight secure of the workpiece with welding fixture;

    c)       Piece welding of two or more workpieces which calls for precise control and management of workpiece position need the assist from weld fixture;

    d)      Inspection of welding and or assembling finished product, especially for those workpieces with certain difficult access without changing position, need to clamp the workpiece with welding member fix unit;

    4)       Besides welding, welding fixture can also be used in assembly process;

    5)       The industries see more often application of welding fixture include Vehicle, Construction Machinery, Steel Structure, Rail Transportation, Bicycle, Motorcycle, Pressure Vessel, Frame and Tank, Robot Welding, Metal Furniture, Equipment Assembly, Sheet Metal Processing, Industrial Pipeline, etc. for its welding and or inspection process.


    2. Technical Features:

     1)       The most salient and number one characteristic with welding fixture is its tailor made in all application cases;

     2)       In other words, every batch of such weld fixing unit is designed and produced dedicate for this time use only. No two sets of welding fixture from different working site are identical with each other;

    3)       The demanding on positioning precision of welding fixture differs with concrete application situation:

    a)       Some weld member fixing unit just for fixing the workpiece into place, such as for welding structure members;

    b)      Some welding fixtures poses positioning accuracy of tolerance ±1mm for its use, such as for welding cabs (Operating station) in Construction Machinery.

    c)       In the later type, series of advanced technology need to be utilized in the process of welding fixture development, such as the 3D design and validation, CMM measurement (Coordinate Measuring Machine), etc.;

    4)       Use of welding fixture is usually by hand: It tightens workpiece with quick clamps;

    5)       As a sophisticated mechanism, especially those with high tolerance of positioning precision, welding fixture need to be maintained carefully in its daily use, and validated for its precision periodically (Half a year or every quarterly) by professional organization.


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