LHT T Type High Efficiency H Beam Submerged Arc Welding Machine
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LHT T Type High Efficiency H Beam Submerged Arc Welding Machine


As a high efficiency T type I Beam SAW Machine, LHT has easy and intuitive operation. As explained in previous products, operating panel of the machine is installed together with consoles of welding power sources, on the front side of T frame beam. Please check attached picture.


To start with, as mentioned before, all the SAW machine made by us, including LHA gantry type, LHT T type and LHC column type I Beam SAW machine, are started in the manner of “One Button Start”, which means, with the START button on console of power source, both the welding power sources and the I Beam SAW machine itself are started.


As illustration, we use below LHA panel to make introduction on management of SAW process for both LHT and LHA, because LHT has identical design on its operating panel as LHA gantry type I Beam SAW machine.

Usage of Button/ Switch/Lamp on the Panel:

Small- Operating Panel

  1) Blue color Indication Lamp “POWER”: When the machine and welding power sources started, it will 


  2) Toggle Switch of “ADVANCE” and “BACK”: Under welding working mode, this switch controls travel

      direction of T frame along the rails. “ADVANCE” is for moving toward end of H Beam, and “BACK” is for

      traveling back to its starting point;

  3) Black color Pushbutton “ADVANCE”: Comparatively, this is for controlling T frame movement direction 

     under idle travel. “ADVANCE” refers to the same direction as in welding mode;

  4) White color Pushbutton “BACK”: Same as “3”, it is for controlling T frame movement direction under idle

     travel. “BACK” refers to the same direction as in welding mode;

  5) Red color Pushbutton “STOP”: This is for stopping the machine and welding power source;

  6) Toggle Switch of “WELDING” and “ADJUST”: This is for converting working mode between welding and

     adjust (or idle);

  7) Toggle Switch of “LEFT-UP” and “LEFT-DOWN”: This is for controlling vertical movement of the left side

      welding torch (Here “left” means when operator stands facing the T frame). This direction of movement is 

      driven with motor, and started on and shut off with this toggle switch;

  8) Toggle Switch of “RIGHT-UP” and “RIGHT-DOWN”: This has same meaning and usage as “7”, for the 

      right side welding torch;

  9) Knob of “SPEED ADJUST”: This is for adjusting welding speed within the range of 0.24~ 2.4m/min. It is

     controlled and realized with a potentiometer connected with the inverter;

  10) Digital Display: This is for showing welding speed of these large I Beam SAW machine in real time manner;

  11) Blue color Pushbutton “LEFT-RECYCLE ON”: This is for starting on Flux Recovery and Recycling unit at left

       side. As introduced, the LHA gantry I Beam SAW machine, the LHT and the LHC column I Beam SAW machine

       all integrate management of outsourced components into machine panel;

  12) Red color Pushbutton “LEFT-RECYCLE OFF”: This plays contrary function of “11”, to shut off the left side

        Flux Recovery and Recycling unit;

  13) Blue color Pushbutton “RIGHT-RECYCLE ON”: Same as “11”, for starting on right side Flux Recovery 

       and Recycling unit;

   14) Red color Pushbutton “RIGHT-RECYCLE OFF”: Same as “12”, for shutting off right side Flux Recovery

         and Recycling unit;

   15) Black color Pushbutton “LEFT-WHEEL CLAMP”: This is for controlling mechanical arc tracing unit of left 

         side. As introduced, there is a control roller at the bottom of each set of the tracing unit. With its clamp, the

         unit begins its work;

   16)  White color Pushbutton “LEFT-WHEEL RELEASE”: This is contrary of “15”, for releasing the control

         roller and stopping work of the arc tracer at left side;

   17) Black color Pushbutton “RIGHT-WHEEL CLAMP”: Same as “15”, for starting on right side arc tracing 


    18) White color Pushbutton “RIGHT-WHEEL RELEASE”: Same as “17”, for releasing the control roller and

          stopping right side arc tracing unit;

     19) Yellow color Lamp “ALARM RESET”: When the alarm of the T style LHT, or column style LHC, or LHA 

          gantry style I Beam SAW machine alarm released, this lamp lights on.


As summary, Pushbuttons/Switches/Lamps on panel of LHC column style I Beam SAW machine have same meaning& purpose as those of LHT& LHA. Please check attached picture for LHC operating panel.


Below are specifications of this LHT T type Automatic I Beam SAW Machine:




Operator   Working Position

Beneath   T frame, between 2 supporting racks,

stand   on the floor

H Beam Flange Width (mm)

200 ~ 800

H Beam Flange Thickness (mm)

6 ~ 40

Can be special made

H Beam Web Height (mm)

200 ~ 2000

H Beam Web Thickness (mm)

6 ~ 32

Can be special made

H Beam Length   (mm)

4000 ~ 15000

Can be special made

Gantry Travel Rail Length (mm)


Gas Pressure



For driving Arc tracing unit

T Frame Drive mode

Double   drive

Welding Speed (mm/min.)

0.24  ~ 2.4

Idle Speed   (mm/min.)





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