Automatic Girder Longitudinal Welding Machine for Long BOX Beam
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Automatic Girder Longitudinal Welding Machine for Long BOX Beam


The Girder Welding machine of this section is the last product we introduce for group of special purpose welding machine.


    1.     Application:

    1)       In the industries of Crane, Bridge, Port Machinery, and Ship Building, it is necessary to have longitudinal welding on thin wall and super long girder and BOX beam. Length of workpiece can be up to 40~50m, with cross section size up to 2.4x2.4m, and thickness 10 ~12mm;

    2)       The Girder Welding machinery, or Long BOX Beam Welding machine is designed and produced specifically for this purpose.


    2.     Technical Specialty, Structure and Performance:

    1)       The proper welding mode for such girder welding equipment is gas shielded CO2 at tack welding. Replaced with power supply, the machine can also be used for SAW;

    2)       Design and structure of this Girder Longitudinal Welding machine please check attached pictures. It is in the structure of traveling gantry, with both sides of the gantry equipped with a work station. The two welding torches of the two working station can work individually, but also controlled in interlock and coordination by means of machine control system, considering difficult communication between the two operatorsduring work, because of very large size of workpiece and the girder welding machine itself;

    3)       Also considering the jumbo size of this specialized welding machine, its gantry moving is double drive;

    4)       One of the critical points in this long BOX Beam longitudinal welding machine is camber of workpiece, which is considered from start to finish of machine design, and denoted in machine parameter list. For example, vertical stroke of pneumatic drive mechanical welding seam tracing unit is calculated on the basis of workpiece camber. In this set of Girder welding machine, it is 160mm, together with 100mm stroke in horizontal axis;

    5)       During work of this Girder longitudinal welding machinery, driven with both horizontal and vertical gas cylinders, the mechanical tracing roller leans against tack welding seam in 45° all the while, making the welding torch directed at the welding seam all the while accordingly. Sliding of the tracing roller in X&Y axis are guided with precise ball bearing linear guideway. Besides, there is magnetic detecting unit on the tracing system: As long as movement of the tracing roller exceeds its stroke, the magnetic detecting unit will send out signal and feedback it to control circuit of the machine, making welding torch act in compensation. In this way, welding quality of this Girder longitudinal welding equipment can be fully guaranteed all the time;

    6)       Welding torch modulating unit is fit on its weld arm, for individually adjusting its position and angle for best welding output;

    7)       All the guideways of this Girder welding machine are precision ball bearing linear guideway, making precise, stable and little clearance of running and thus reliable welding quality;

    8)       Considering the very long length of workpiece of this Girder welding equipment and its corresponding long welding time, welding torch is water-cooled type. The machine is equipped with water cooling system accordingly;

    9)       From these we can see, that this long BOX Beam welding machine has something in common with the BOX Beam welding machine we introduced in product group of BOX Beam Production Line, but completely different in its working principle and technique.

    3.     Operation:

    To start work of this Girder longitudinal welding machine,

    1)       Hoist the workpiece onto its platform or trolley;

    2)       Adjust position and angle of the two sets of welding torch, making it directed at welding seam perfectly;

    3)       Start on this Girder welding machine. Its gantry travels in inverter control adjustable speed, which is welding speed; And the two torches weld both sides of workpiece along the whole length of workpiece, under the precondition of normal working of seam tracing units;

    4)       For girder welding, first weld the two seams at its bottom face. Then flip the workpiece 180° for welding the other 2 seams of the opposing surface.


    4.     Parameters:

Detailed parameters of this special purpose welding machine of Girder welding equipment please check below:

Workpiece Max. Length

49 m

Workpiece Cross Section Max. Width

2.4 m

Workpiece Cross Section Max. Length

2.4 m

Workpiece Max. Camber

80 mm

Extension of Base Plate for Tack   Welding

≧ 20 mm

Gantry Travel Speed (Welding Velocity)

0.2 ~ 4 m/min.

Welding Arm Transverse Moving Stroke

700 mm

Gantry Rails Span

3800 mm

Welding Mode

Gas Shielded CO2 at Tack   Welding



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