High Precision Automatic Roller Strap Cladding Machine for Cylinder
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High Precision Automatic Roller Strap Cladding Machine for Cylinder


This Roller Strap Cladding machine is for built-up welding, or hard surfacing, on workpiece of cylindrical body. It is a kind of special purpose welding machinery.


    1.     Usage of the Roller Hard Surfacing machine:

   1)      Rollers of the rolling mill usually exhibit issue of abrasion and worn after certain period of use. To make it gaining original hardness and strength, built-up welding, or hard surfacing is necessary;

   2)      The Roller Built-up welding machine is developed for this purpose. The corresponding welding technique it adopts is either SAW (Submerged arc welding) surfacing, or gas shielded surfacing;

   3)      With its welding head replaced, this roller surfacing equipment can also be applied in longitudinal and or circumferential welding of revolving parts.


    2.     Technical description of the Roller Surfacing machine:

   1)      During work, workpiece is clamped with a three-claw chuck, with its rotating speed stepless adjustable controlled with inverter --- This rotating speed is also welding speed of the Roller Strap Cladding equipment;

   2)      Meanwhile, together with workpiece revolving, welding head moves in constant speed which is set in the form of uniform pitch, and accomplishes hard surfacing job on the surface of the revolving workpiece;

   3)      To acquire additional functions beside built-up welding, this Roller Hard Surfacing equipment can also be equipped with supporting function units such as electric arc swing, milling unit, etc.;

   4)      To accommodate changeable diameter of workpiece, welding head can be moved up and down with motor drive, together with anti-collision protection ability;

   5)      Control system of this Roll hard Surfacing machine has the core elements of PLC and inverter, realizing the function of preset and displaying of speed, rpm and displacement, catering for demand of various welding technique, making high automation working process of this Roll Built-up welding machine;

   6)      Swing amplitude and frequency of welding head in the process of built-up welding is managed with special mechanism and controlled with PLC;

   7)      Wire feeder of this Roller hard Surfacing machine is also controlled with PLC, together with its protection function of ceasing working in case of electric arc breaking;

   8)      Duty cycle of welding system is 100%, meeting the demand of long time large current built-up welding.

    3.     Structure of the Roller Built-up welding equipment:

   1)      As can be checked from the attached picture, this Roller Built-up welding machine has the main units of main frame, welding system, and electric control system;

   2)      Main frame: It is body of the whole machine, including machine bed, door or gantry, head stock, tail stock;

   3)      Of which the door or gantry serves as hanging support and travel guide of welding head;

   4)      Head stock is fixed type, integrated with control board of this Roller Strap Cladding machine, as well as the three-claw chuck of workpiece;

   5)      The tail stock can move along length of machine bed, suitable for varying length of workpiece. Its transverse movement is transmitted with leadscrew, and guided with sliding bush;

   6)      The welding system of the Roller Surfacing machine consists of hard surfacing power supply, control console, welding head and its wire feeder;

   7)      Of which control console, welding head and its wire feeder are integrated into an integral unit of moving carriage, and travels along guiderail of the door or gantry in the process of built-up welding;

   8)      Control system of this Roller hard Surfacing machine has its control board fit at its head stock for easy access, with a remote panel for operating process;

   9)      This Roller Built-up welding machine is custom made, of which parameters varies on specific size of workpiece and corresponding hard surfacing demand.


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