GD High Efficiency Hobbing Cutter for Steel Plate Beveling
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GD High Efficiency Hobbing Cutter for Steel Plate Beveling


This Hobbing cutter belongs to the equipment for welding preparation: It is used for small plate chamfering, making prepare for welding operation that followed.


   1.     Application and Characteristic:

   1)        This small plate beveling machine is dedicated developed for small plate chamfering, with thickness below 20mm;

   2)      It utilizes the tool of hobbing, or called rolling shear, and chamfers edge of small plate in one time finish. In this respect, it has the same name of rolling shear chamfering machine, or rolling shear beveling machine;

   3)      This small plate chamfering machine fills the gap in the field of small plate edge milling.

   2.     Working Principle:

   1)      The working principle of this small plate beveling machine please check below attached picture;

   2)      As can be seen from the pictures, there are a piece of rolling shear, or hobbing, equipped at working unit of the machine. With the going forward of the small plate, it is squeezed and beveled in the process of shear revolving, accomplishing the task of small plate chamfering;

    3)      Working unit and finished product of this rolling shear chamfering equipment please see attached picture;

    4)      The materials that can be edge milled with this rolling shear beveling equipment include all common-used ones of carbon steel, stainless, 16Mn., etc.;

    5)      This Hobbing cutting machine works in high efficiency, in the velocity of 3m cutting length/min.

   3.     Main units and Operation:

    1)      This small plate beveling machine is mainly composed of machine body, rolling shear, input and output supporting racks of 3m long each, and control system;

    2)      The input and output supporting racks are used for holding workpiece in the process of small plate chamfering;

   3)      To relieve hands of operator, control of the equipment is made with foot pedal switch;

   4)      There is an emergency stop button on the side wall of the small plate chamfering machine close at hand for quick access;

   4.     Parameter:

Specification of workpiece and parameter of this small plate beveling machine of Hobbing Cutter please check below table:

Fig1 Workpiece specification

Plate Tension Stress δb (N/mm2)




Plate Material




Bevel Width W

20 mm

16 mm

12 mm

Small Plate Chamfering Speed

2.9 m/min.

3.1 m/min.

3.4 m/min.

Plate Max. thickness h

40 mm

Bevel Angle Range α

25° ~ 55°

Min. Blunt Size e

2 mm

Dimension (L x W x H)

1240 x 940 x 1500 mm

Motor model Y112M-4

4KW/ 1440 rpm

Main shaft revolving speed

7.7 rpm

Diameter of Milling tool

φ200 mm


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