HJ-200 Hydraulic High Efficiency Length Direction H Beam Straightening Machine
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HJ-200 Hydraulic High Efficiency Length Direction H Beam Straightening Machine


 HJ-200 is another large type length direction H Beam straightening machine.


For its accommodating workpiece size and machine parameter, please check previous section of HJ300 length direction automatic I Beam straightening equipment.


In the previous section of HJ-series and HJ-300, we have covered topics of:

  - Usage and Application Scope;

  - Straightening Principle;

  - Empirical data on match between Pressure Tonnage and Workpiece Size

Of these HJ-series hydraulic automatic length direction Structural Member straightening machine (This is to highlight its universal coverage of workpiece type, not confined to H Beam only). In this section of HJ200 we will give introduction on Operating Process of this length direction H Beam straighten machine.


Working Process of the Machine

  1.  Workpiece Feed-in and Send-out

    1) As introduced previously, this length direction H Beam straightening equipment does not straighten the

        workpiece in continuous way, but intermittently instead ---Segment by segment of the workpiece;

   2) To start the operating process, press the button, conveyor will drive the workpiece forward, traveling certain

      distance and then stop;

   3) Then begin straightening step of this segment of the workpiece;

   4) At the completion of straightening this segment, the conveyor works again to drive the workpiece going 

      forward another segment, for next round of straightening process;

  2.  Workpiece Straightening Step

      Please check picture as below. Let’s review straightening process of this length direction Section Steel

      straightening machine discussed in the section of “HJ-series”:

    Fig1 -Illustration

   1) Point 3 is for applying force, which is a press unit driven with hydraulic system;

   2) Point 1 and 2 are force bearing side, composing Three-Points-Stress for straightening operation together with

      Point 3;

   3) Distance between Point 1 and 2 can be adjusted, based on workpiece size, and deflection condition of the


   4) This distanceis adjusted in this way: Both Point 1 and 2 can be moved along guideway of the beam, and fixed

      in position with bolts; Please check below picture:

 Fig2- Bolt

   5) Another important mechanism of this HJ-series lengthways automated I Beam straightening equipment is 

     Ejector 1 and 2, which are used for pushing the workpiece away from beam at the finish of straightening, 

    (Conceivably, due to the straightening process, the workpiece is held against the beam firmly), for the ease of 

    transporting workpiece forward. This step is realized with a toggle switch on pendant (Check below);

   6) The critical control point of straightening process is travel stroke of Point 3, or pressing head, during 

      straightening process. To have precise management on it, there is ruler installed at the top section of this 

      acting unit, please check below picture:

 Fig3- Ruler

  3.  Operating Pendant

      Below is Operating Pendant of the length direction I Beam straightening machine:

 Fig4- Operating Pendant

     With the above description it is easy to understand usage of each button/switch on operating pendant of this

     automatic length direction H Beam straighten equipment:

  1) POWER - Indicating lamp on power on/off of the machine;

  2) ADVANCE/BACK – Toggle switch to control conveyor;

  3) PUMP ON – Button to start on the oil pump;

  4) PUMP OFF - Button to shut off the oil pump;

  5) ASSISTANT EXTEND/ASSISTANT RETRACT - Toggle switch to manipulate the Ejector 1 and 2;

  6) ROLLER RELEASE/ROLLER CLAMP - Toggle switch to activate forward and backward of the pressing head;

   7) EMERGENCY STOP – For contingency control

For machine structure and main component we will talk about it in next section of HJ200 hydraulic automatic I Beam Straightening Equipment.


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