Remote Control Annular Chain Type Flipping Equipment for Steel Structure
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Remote Control Annular Chain Type Flipping Equipment for Steel Structure


The Annular Chain type Flipping Equipment of this section is for the purpose of steel structure overturning.


1.     Equipment Usage:

1)      In the process of steel structure production, for example H Beam and BOX Beam, at certain working stations it is necessary to flip the workpiece 180° to carry out operation on the opposing side of the workpiece with the current side job completion;

2)      The annular chain type overturning equipment is for this application. As mentioned, it is for flipping the workpiece at its current position, not for the purpose of sending to next station. This is one of the main differences of this chain hoist flipping equipment with the former introduced steel structure logistics equipment of this product group.


2.     Structure and Operation:

1)      As can be observed from attached picture, and got hint from its name, this chain hoist overturning equipment manipulates the workpiece utilizing chain hoists overhead;

2)      The product has frame type structure: Four pieces of vertical steel columns and another four pieces of horizontal steel beams compose skeleton and working area of this annular chain flipping equipment;

3)      4 sets of chain hoists are installed at the overhead horizontal beams, which work in two pairs;

4)      For installation of this annular chain overturning equipment, its frame surrounds the conveyor beneath it, making the conveyor going thru the frame. Please check attached picture;

5)      For overturning of the workpiece, chains of this chain hoist type flipping equipment entangle the workpiece at its bottom position;

6)      Then, with acting of the hoists overhead, the workpiece is raised off its conveyor, and got flipped at the same time in the period of its rising up in the air, until it reaches to its top position and overturned 180°;

7)      The hoists lower the workpiece down to its conveyor, meeting the target of flipping it 180°;

8)      Thus completes one time operation of this chain hoist type overturning equipment;

9)      Due its working area and structure, operation of this annular chain type steel structure flipping equipment is made with remote control;

10)   Also, because the product flips the workpiece with chains, instead of special designed fixtures, it has good adaptability in catering for various types of workpiece steel structure members;

11)   Besides, although looks sophisticated, this high quality automatic annular chain type flipping equipment is easy to operate.


3.     Technical Parameters:

Applicable for this Annular Chain type Steel Structure Overturning Equipment:

Max.   Loading Capacity

5   Ton

Loading   Capacity of Chain Hoist

2   Ton

Quantity   of Chain Hoist

4   Sets

Cross   Section Size of Workpiece

150   x 150mm ~1200 x 1200mm

Workpiece   Flipping Time Spent

Within   1 min.



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